BALLISTIK BOYZ – Interview (2019)

Interview by David Cirone
May 19, 2019

BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE is a 7-member dance, vocal, and MC unit, the first ever group within LDH where each member contributes vocals to the performance. With their debut CD BALLISTIK BOYZ out this week and their music video for “TENHANE 1000%” topping 1 million views on YouTube, the group talks about their multi-cultural approach, the pressures of living up to the standards set by EXILE TRIBE, and traveling overseas to shoot their first music video on the streets of Los Angeles.

Your music video for “TENHANE 1000%” was shot in L.A., and it showcases a modern, international vibe in your choice of fashion and locations. Why was it important to show BALLISTIK BOYZ as a “global artist” in your first MV?

Ryuta Hidaka: Since we took on the challenge to innovate, being the first group at LDH with all 7 members singing and dancing, and including members who speak English and Portuguese, I think that type of style was a perfect choice for us. It sums up BALLISTIK BOYZ as artists who engage in the global scene representing Japan.

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Shibuya-Kei legend Hideki Kaji announces new album GOTH ROMANCE

Shibuya-Kei legend Hideki Kaji has announced his 18th album, GOTH ROMANCE, is set for released on June 5th.

This month, the artist’s extensive catalog from the 90s and 00s became available on Apple Music and Spotify, including Mini Skirt, Tea, 15 Angry Men, You Will Love Me, A Long Weekend, lov songs, New Pretty, “Separate Ways” (his self cover song written for Chinese singer Faye Wong), and “FOOTBALLING WEEKENDERS” (ending song for Japanese television program FOOT!).

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Sawa Angstrom – Interview (2019)

Sawa Angstrom
Interview by Marc Bowie
April 29, 2019

The minimalist style of your EP, DdTPt, is very different than the jazzy Lainy J Groove band and the more poppy style of YeYe, the other groups of which you are a member. What is your goal with Sawa Angstrom?

Jun Hamada: There are various elements that excite me about each of my projects, and I’m always looking for the chance to discover something new. If I can combine concepts and create musical synergy in myself, I’m happy. It’s really fun. The goal of Sawa Angstrom is to perform all over the world.

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m-flo’s Taku Takahashi, Yasutaka Nakata, and TeddyLoid at OTAQUEST KICKOFF 2019

The Tokyo club scene comes to Los Angeles for OTAQUEST KICKOFF, a special event featuring legendary Japanese DJs Taku Takahashi, Yasutaka Nakata, and TeddyLoid all on one stage, July 3 at The Novo in L.A. Live.

OTAQUEST KICK OFF is a celebration of Japan’s electronic music culture, accented with exciting visuals, stage lighting, and the high production quality found in Tokyo’s most famous dance clubs.

OTAQUEST KICK OFF complements OTAQUEST LIVE, the special one-night-only live concert featuring performances by J-Pop superstars Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and m-flo, as well as the first North American live performances from CAPSULE, CrazyBoy, and Hiroomi Tosaka.

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Wasuta to make North American debut at Anime North 2019

Japanese idol group Wasuta (“The World Standard”) will make their North American performance debut at
Anime North 2019 in Toronto, Canada, with a live concert on Saturday, May 25, and additional fan events to be announced.

Event info:

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BiSH brings all the bullets in post-apocalyptic TSUiNiSHi (MV)


BiSH has always held their place at the far end of sanity, and their post-apocalyptic new music video for “TSUiNiSHi” (“Finally Dead”) pushes things into the morbid Great Beyond. Created by MAXIMUM THE HORMONE’s music video director Yasuhiko Shimizu, bullets and laughter prove the best weapons when your BFF goes full zombie.

Featuring an aggressive metal hook and a fearsome chorus of “How much you get me wild??”, “TSUiNiSHi” comes from the group’s 4-song EP STICKS, released on Apple Music April 3.

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Sawa Angstrom beguile with DdTPt


Electronic music trio Sawa Angstrom has released a five-song EP, DdTPt,  full of charmingly old-school bleeps and minimalist-yet-innovative beats. Based in Kyoto, the group is made up of vocalists Marina Kodama and Satoshi Yoshioka (who also acts as the group’s engineer), as well as Jun Hamada. In keeping with their less-is-more style, the band has performed in Japan and Europe in such unique venues such as youth hostels, art galleries, and beer halls.

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Perfume – Interview (2019)

Interview by David Cirone
March 22, 2019


As one of the world’s most popular J-Pop groups, Perfume continues to take new challenges in stride, launching their 4th world tour this year with multiple U.S. stops including their debut appearance at the Coachella Music Festival. NOCCHi, KASHIYUKA, and a-chan talk fashion, technology, and french fries before their first U.S. show in New York on March 30.

It’s impossible to think about Perfume without envisioning your strong fashion image. How does the fashion of the group help the power of your music?

NOCCHi: First of all, because of our fashion, people can tell who each of the members are. When we found our style, our characters were set and it’s been our motto ever since to keep them. Also, every time we release a song or go on tour, we know that people look forward to our fashion as well, which is nice.

KASHIYUKA: I think our fashion adds more to the songs because of the details in the fabric texture, colors, and design. That’s our way of presenting a song or project to the listeners. For example, when we first heard the song “Spending All My Time”, it felt very much like a “club style” song which might give you an image of sexy type outfits with lots of bare skin. But we controlled the image and made it more “Perfume”-like by wearing school uniforms on the music video to show that those school girls were trapped in a magic academy. To represent the ever-lasting future of the song “Mugen mirai”, we used soft, transparent fabric. Fashion adds to and expands the world of the song.

VIDEO: “Spending All My Time”

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Wasuta starts official group Instagram on CAT’CH THE WORLD release day


Idol group Wasuta (“The World Standard”) launched their official group Instagram on March 6, announcing the news at their HMV LaLaport TOYOSU in-store event in Tokyo to celebrate the release of their third full album CAT’CH THE WORLD.

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ChouCho performs acoustic “naked garden” vol. 5 in Tokyo


Anisong singer ChouCho held her 5th acoustic live concert, “ChouCho Acoustic Live – naked garden vol. 5” at Hakuju Hall in Tokyo on February 16, 2019, expanding the event from previous live house settings to a larger music hall for the first time. The artist performed several of her popular anime themes backed by piano, violin, and percussion, including songs from Mashiroiro Symphony, Hyouka, Girls und Panzer, and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya: Sekka no Chikai.

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