Nov 21 2017

Top 10 Koda Kumi Dance Tracks


Koda Kumi has consistently been one of the most successful Japanese artists to incorporate authentic Western beats and urban lyrics, with top-level dance jams and choreography solidifying her “Pop Diva” status. Check out her top tracks, primed for high-volume playback — available worldwide on iTunes & Spotify.

KODA KUMI on iTunes
KODA KUMI on Spotify

Hush (digital single 2017)
“I bring the fire // You gotta ring, gotta ring, gotta ring the alarm”

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Nov 21 2017

Wednesday Campanella at Clockenflap Hong Kong (2017)


Wednesday Campanella’s performance at Clockenflap 2017, Hong Kong’s largest outdoor music festival.

Photos by Mariko Kurose
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Nov 21 2017

Houkago Princess – Abracadabu Luv (MV)


Houkago Princess transforms to a glamourous Arabian style for their seductive new single “Abracadabu Luv”.

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Nov 20 2017

Erina Kamiya walks red carpet for feature film debut


Kamen Joshi’s Erina Kamiya made her feature film debut in Umi ni nose ta Gazu no yume (“Gaz’s Dreams on the Sea”) at the 4th New Movie Director’s Film Festival on November 11th.

Erina earned a starring role in the film, where she portrays a high school student in Kumano who joins a movie production team with her friends. Erina says filming the story of a young woman who must choose between her hometown and her dreams changed her life and made her “want to pursue her goals without hesitating.”

Umi ni nose ta Gazu no yume – Official Trailer

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Nov 20 2017

NECRONOMIDOL launches Darkness Over The Pacific USA Tour


NECRONOMIDOL, the ultradark Japanese idol unit based out of Tokyo, has annoucned the first USA tour, beginning December 15 at L.A.’s Whisky A Go Go.

NECRONOMIDOL, known for their ethereal choreography and striking visual style, will be accompanied by Tokyo Prog rockers Zeroshiki.

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Nov 20 2017

Aina the End (BiSH) – Acoustic Live (2017)


Aina the End performs a solo cover of BiSH’s popular song “Hoshi ga Shibataku Yoru Ni” in her acoustic live performed November 19, 2017.

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Nov 19 2017

maidreamin challenges players to Kurokishi RPG game battles


As part of their 10th Anniversary, top Japanese maid cafe chain maidreamin has announced a special, limited-time event for the Japanese mobile game “Kurokishi to Shiro no Maou”.

From now through December 15th, customers can challenge their favorite maids to a match of the real-time RPG in between delicious parfaits, drinks, and dancing at the maid cafe’s stores in Akihabara, Ikebukuro, and Shibuya.

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Nov 17 2017

Kamen Joshi announces new trainee group SURIJIE


Akihabara’s masked idols Kamen Joshi have announced the formation of several new trainee groups under the new SURIJIE unit (stylized after “cerisier”, the French word for “cherry blossom”).

On November 10th, the applicants gathered at the P.A.R.M.S. Theater in Akihabara to face the verdict of the judges, with the results broadcast live on the SBS television program “YOEOROSUN -Tokoton Otazune Mousu-“.

SURIJIE’s three Tokyo trainee groups with a total of 18 members were announced, and an additional two groups with 9 members were chosen from the Kansai area.

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Nov 16 2017 announces Charisma.Best compilation

NekoPOP-Charisma-com-Charisma-Best-announce-artist1 will release their first compilation CD Charisma.BEST on January 10, 2018.

The 19-song CD release will include their monster international hit “HATE” plus standout tracks like “Otsubone Rock”, “#hashdark”, and “Sapuriminal Diet”. Fans who pre-order the album on iTunes can get the bonus track “Hello 2 – Midnight Reboot” recorded for their Lumine department store campaign earlier this year.

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Nov 14 2017

Kamen Joshi appointed official Akihabara Ambassadors


Masked girl idols Kamen Joshi have been appointed official ambassadors for Akihabara Tourism. Five years after the underground idol group established their permanent home at the P.A.R.M.S. Theater in Akihabara, the performers have been featured in international news media and achieved over 2.8 million followers on Facebook, the highest number of any group in the idol genre.

At a special ceremony after Kamen Joshi’s October 6th concert at the P.A.R.M.S. Theater, Mr. Tomio Izumi, Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association Director & Head of the Secretariat, presented the group with the honor. “As we move toward the 2020 Olympics, let’s make Akihabara even stronger,” he urged the Kamen Joshi members.

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