Aug 26 2016

Starmarie to perform Fantasy Show one-man live in December


Fantasy Unit STARMARIE performed their solo show, “FANTASY CIRCUS ~Chapter 3: Spell Of The Book~” on August 21 at Shinagawa Stellar Ball. Based around theme of a mystical “book that should never be opened”, the group performed a set of 22 cerebral and fantastical songs. The group performed together with a band for the first 10 songs, after which STARMARIE member Shino Takamori performed “Disappearing Magical Power” and “I will go and kill you on the night of the star festival” on the piano.

After the final curtain call, STARMARIE announced their upcoming show, “STARMARIE 2016 LIVE THE FANTASY SHOW ~Hime wa rankiryu☆goikkosama~” at Nakano Sun Plaza on December 26. In addition, STARMARIE will become regulars on a HiBiKi Radio Station program.

Starmarie has also released their new single “Spell of the Book” as a limited-time stream on Soundcloud:

Aug 25 2016

Namie Amuro contributes songs to Death Note film sequel


Namie Amuro has announced that her new songs “Dear Diary” and “Fighter” have been chosen as the theme song and as one of the featured songs in the new movie “Death Note Light up the NEW world”, set to be released on October 29. The CD single of “Dear Diary / Fighter” will also be released later this year.

Namie Amuro official website:
Namie Amuro Official Facebook:

Aug 24 2016

FAKY members star in web drama Are You OK?


FAKY members Mikako, Anna, Lil’ Fang, Akina stars in a new interactive web drama “Are You OK?”, which allows players to choose the direction of the story. In addition to acting, the members also provided the theme song, “Are You OK?”

The trailer shows a young woman’s (played by FAKY’s Mikako) journey through city life, facing a number of personal obstacles.

FAKY recently performed at Japan’s Summer Sonic music festival, and Mikako has also been announced as one of the cast members of the concept film “L”, based on Acid Black Cherry’s 2015 album of the same name.


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Aug 17 2016

E-Girls unit ShuuKaRen to release debut CD in October


ShuuKaRen, a unit consisting of Shuuka Fujii (E-girls/Flower) and Karen Fujii (E-girls/Happiness), will release their debut CD Universe on October 5, 2016. The limited edition consists of a CD and a DVD, and features a 52-page magazine.

The two performers released a fashion photo book earlier this year, titled Antithese.

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Aug 16 2016

FEMM teams up with Takashi Okada for ISETAN ART & CREATION 2016


Japanese mannequin pop duo FEMM has teamed with graphic designer Takashi Okada for a limited-run promotional campaign in Tokyo’s Shunjuku district titled ISETAN ART & CREATION 2016, running August 10-22 at the Isetan deparment store.

Information at:

FEMM’s Riri and Lulu have revealed a special photo shoot for the campaign, along with a mind-bending promotion video.

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Aug 15 2016

Why Japanese Anime Attract Millions of Followers Worldwide (Editorial)



Why Japanese Anime Attract Millions of Followers Worldwide

More popularly known as anime, the Japanese brand of animation has accumulated a sort of cult following worldwide. Fans know by heart different shows’ characters from the Dragonball Zs, the Sailor Moons, and Yu Yu Hakushos of the past to the modern day, equally charming yet more defined ensemble. Some of them even memorize (or at least try to sing along with J-Pop artists) the intro and outro themes of these famous anime programs. Furthermore, this passionate fan base – complete with cosplay costumes – contributes to the global success of anime-related events as reflected by the record-breaking number of attendees of SPJA’s Anime Expo 2016 in Santa Ana, California.

By now, people, more specifically non-anime fans, are left baffled by this genre’s international success. For most of them, it’s somewhat odd how fanatics follow every episode even though they couldn’t understand a single word – minus the translated subtitles. However, by delving deep into its formula, one can instantly realize – not necessarily love – why these Japanese programs are such pop culture phenomena. Having said that, here are some reasons why anime shows attract millions of followers not just in Japan, but the whole world as well.

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Aug 13 2016

LiSA returns to Mexico City September 10th


singer LiSA will rock Mexico City once again this September. It will be the first time that LiSA has a concert in Latin America with her band. Last year she performed a special acoustic mini-live in Mexico City at Lunario of the Auditorio Nacional in front of 1,000 people. The tickets were sold out weeks before her concert. This year LiSA returns to a bigger venue – El Plaza Condesa on September 10th to celebrate her 5th Anniversary as a solo artist and the launch of her new mini album LUCKY Hi FiVE!

General Tickets ($21 USD) for LiSA “LiVE is Smile Always ~Hi! FiVE~” Mexico 2016 are available through the ticketing booth at El Plaza Condesa and Preferred Tickets and VIP Tickets are sold out. ( )

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Aug 13 2016

Bed In Bring Back 80s Japan with RICH


“Sexy Underground Idol” twosome Bed In go international with their debut album RICH, featuring a cover shot by photographer Kishin Shinoyama. RICH, released for digital download and streaming through JPU Records, pays homage to Japan’s bubble economy of the 80s and early 90s, an era defined by neon bodycon dresses, gigantic shoulder pads and excess partying – not to mention ridiculously catchy J-pop tunes with high-tempos, fun dance moves and the odd guitar solo thrown in for good measure. Bed In brings it all back and more.

The self-produced unit sees guitarist Mai Chusonji (formally of Tokyo psychedelic garage rock outfit Rei no K) team-up with Yo-say-tachi frontlady Kaori Masukodera for a unique, outrageous and retrospective romp through the golden era of J-Pop. Joining them is acclaimed photographer and cultural phenomenon Kishin Shinoyama, responsible for shooting the album’s cover and promotional images, hip hop heroes Cypress Ueno and Roberto Yoshino as guests on track “Nariagari VICTORY”, and 90s Japanese comedian UNJASH on album closing track “Shirokurotsukanai”.

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