March 2012 archive

J-Pop singer May’n re-opens Twitter account to reveal World Tour logo!

May’n’s official Twitter has returned after a 1 year absence! Check @mayn_tw for official tweets from May’n. The Twitter account returned on April 1 at 10 AM Japan time to reveal the official logo for the “ROCK YOUR BEATS” World Tour. May’n is encouraging fans to spread the word about the tour using #RYT, short …

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Fate/Zero Opening Singer LiSA is Coming to America

Fans of the hit anime series Fate/Zero can really look forward to this summer. At her recent concert at the Anime Contents Expo in Japan, recording artist and Fate/Zero opening singer LiSA announced her US debut appearance at Anime Expo 2012 in Los Angeles. In celebration of this occasion, just in time for her appearance …

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Yuuki Aoi – Kaiten Mokuba to Shippo no Uta (PV)

Yuuki Aoi… This child is on mushrooms… KAITEN MOKUBA TO SHIPPO NO UTA / 回転木馬としっぽのうた (from new release Petipa / プティパ)

Dreams Come True – My Time to Shine (teaser) Plus new image for FANCL campaign:

Yuuki Aoi’s new calendar (video)

She really gives it her best, doesn’t she? Putting together a six-sided calendar just once seems like chore enough. You’re going to have to be really dedicated to do it all year round.

May’n Interview (2012)

May’n Interview – March 26, 2012 What people or artists are some of your biggest influences? May’n: Namie Amuro. I saw her on TV when I was 3 yrs old. I thought, “I want to be someone like her who can sing and dance.” This was the spark that made me aspire to become a …

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MinxZone – Sorasora Soujan – Shinsedai no March (PV)

MinxZone’s catchy chorus and “home-made” quality are rather endearing.

Miwa Yoshida – FANCL CM (video)

New CM is online for Miwa Yoshida’s “My Time to Shine” tie-in with FANCL cosmetics. (Check out the 30- and 60-second versions) Link to CM website

HoriPro announces 37th Talent Scout Caravan auditions

HoriPro announces 37th Talent Scout Caravan auditions Japanese talent agency discoveries include Haruka Ayase, May’n, Satomi Ishihara Japanese talent agency HoriPro announced the start of its 37th HoriPro Talent Scout Caravan talent auditions today in Japan. This year’s goal is to find a “Super-Idol” – a girl who can dance, sing, and act. The annual …

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Daisuke Mori – Trust Me (PV)

This song from Daisuke Mori caught me by surprise (it’s an older release from 2004). Really catchy groove, slick piano, and mature vocals.