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Perfume’s official fan club P.T.A. begins international registration

Perfume’s official fan club P.T.A. has begun pre-registration for international members. Registration link: http://pta-world.com

Kou Shibasaki – Yuku Yuku Wa (PV)

Special collaboration with Tamio Okuda (Unicorn, Puffy)


Mademoiselle Yulia – MADEMOWORLD (Review)

Mademoiselle Yulia MADEMOWORLD Review by Nhu Nguyen Mademoiselle Yulia is as fabulous as her stage name. She is a DJ for many high-profile parties in Tokyo, designer for jewelry line GIZA, columnist for NYLON Japan, and also a singer! A quick search of the musician on Google will show her donning diverse and edgy outfits, …

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Ryosuke Miura – Kimi e no XMas Song (PV)

Sea☆A – ENTRY! (PV)

Ending theme of the anime series Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit Hen

May’n – Mr. Super Future Star (PV)

May’n performs “Mr. Super Future Star” from the PS3 / Nintendo DS game “Ex-Troopers”

Bonnie Pink – Chasing Hope (Review)

Bonnie Pink Chasing Hope Review by David Cirone Bonnie Pink’s work will always have polish and cleverness, but Chasing Hope is missing the emotional investment of her early albums. Opening tracks “Stand Up!” and “Natsu Gare” sound like extended jam sessions, and even provacative titles like “Bad Bad Boy” and “Animal Rendezvous” emerge half-hearted and …

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Koda Kumi – ViVi photo shoot

Koda Kumi in ViVi, Dec 2012

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FUDANJUKU – Japanese fashion scans

KERA, Aug 2012

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