Rihwa collaborates with Michelle Branch for “Good Love”


Japanese singer-songwriter Rihwa has released a collaboration single with American pop artist Michelle Branch. The song “GOOD LOVE” is now available in iTunes stores worldwide.

Michelle Branch debuted at age 18 with the album THE SPIRIT ROOM, released by the Madonna’s Maverick label in 2001. Her singles “Everywhere,” “All You Wanted,” and “Goodbye To You” have sold more than 4,000,000 copies around the world, including 350,000 copies in Japan. Branch received the Grammy Award for “The game of love” (with Santana), and is currently regarded as one of America’s premiere singer-songwriters.

Rihwa got to know the music of Michelle Branch 6 years ago, while studying in Canada.

“When I was in high school in Canada, I chose to sing Michelle’s “All you wanted” in my vocal training class because it fit my taste,” said Rihwa. “I never imagined that one day I could sing with Michelle.” After Branch extended the invitation to Rihwa, she composed “GOOD LOVE” with a country style, a genre Rihwa is very fond of. The pair recorded their parts separately in Los Angeles and Japan.

“This collaboration is the realization of a dream! I started music because I was moved by its power to connect people beyond language. Michelle and I were connected by music and we met. Now I’m more convinced of what I felt when I started my activity as a musician.”

Michelle Branch added, “Music is so powerful. It can cross barriers and bring people together. When I heard Rihwa was a fan, I was very flattered. I love hearing her voice on this song and I hope Japanese fans enjoy it too!”  

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