May 2013 archive

BiS – DiE (PV)

Brand New Idol Society (BiS)’s new video for “DiE” features provocative and intimate visuals.

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Tokyo Ska Paradise Coachela documentary to air on WOWOW

A documentary about Tokyo Ska Paradise’s apperance at American music festival Coachela will air on June 14, 2013, on WOWOW. Read full story on Barks.JP

D-DATE – Glory Days (PV)

FUDANJUKU comment video for RIKISHI-MAN

Dreams Come True – Souzou wo Koeru Ashita E (live) Video Digest from Ura Dori Wonderland 2012/2013 DVD

BABYMETAL – Megitsune photos and jacket covers

BABYMETAL’s new single “Megitsune” will relase June 19, 2013.

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Dreams Come True – Ura Dori Wonderland 2012/2013 DVD/Blu-Ray release

Promo video for Dreams Come True’s new DVD release, Ura Dori Wonderland 2012/2013

JaME interview with FUDANJUKU

Check out the great interview with cross-dressing J-Pop idol group FUDANJUKU on JaME! [excerpt] Overseas, there aren’t any groups with female members that dress up like boys. How would you explain this concept to someone from overseas? Kojirou: In Japan, cosplaying is popular. Among the genres of cosplaying, there’s a trend sometimes of dressing as …

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