JaME interview with FUDANJUKU

Check out the great interview with cross-dressing J-Pop idol group FUDANJUKU on JaME!


Overseas, there aren’t any groups with female members that dress up like boys. How would you explain this concept to someone from overseas?

Kojirou: In Japan, cosplaying is popular. Among the genres of cosplaying, there’s a trend sometimes of dressing as men. Though FUDANJUKU is dressing as men, it’s a unit that makes an effort to take it even further! It’s dressing as men so that we can be liked by girls!

Kouki: The concept is: Women dress as men, and act as characters. Anime is 2D. FUDANJUKU is close to that, and some people call us 2.5D. In such a fantasy world, we have what women cannot express and what men cannot express.