UTB Hollywood begins on-air broadcast of Lucky Seven and After Dinner Mysteries


Popular comedy crime dramas star Jun Matsumoto and Sho Sakurai
Music by Arashi and Koda Kumi

UTB 18.2 Los Angeles began on-air broadcast this week of two popular mystery programs this week in Southern California. UTB airs the programs for free in the SoCal area with English subtitles.

Lucky Seven stars Jun Matsumoto (Arashi) as Shuntaro Tokita, a job-hopping part-time worker who fills his empty days romancing married women. When one of his affairs is disrupted by a young private detective (Teru Nitta, played by Eita), he chases him down and arrives at the Kita Shinagawa Lucky Detective Agency. He confronts Teru and the rest of his group for interfering in people’s lives, but agency boss Toko Fujisaka (Nanako Matsushima) challenges him to show the group how he can do better. Shuntaro takes the opportunity to realize his childhood fantasy of being a detective, but a case about a secret fight club teaches him the surprising realities of the detective business.

A comedy-drama filled with eccentric personalities and heartwarming themes, Lucky Seven is the winner of several Japanese Television Drama Academy Awards, including Best Actor (Jun Matsumoto), Best Supporting Actor (Eita), and Best Theme Song (“Wild at Heart” by Arashi).

The After Dinner Mysteries (Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de) stars Sho Sakurai as Kageyama, a witty, sharp-tongued butler in the service of Reiko Hosho (Keiko Kitagawa), the wealthy heiress of the international conglomerate Hosho Group. Reiko has started a new life as a rookie detective and attempts to hide her secret. Kageyama easily sees through her ruse and helps her solve her most complex cases, but he’ll only tell her the answers after she’s finished her elegantly-prepared meals. Reiko’s even more frustrated by the overbearing behavior of her superior, the flashy and flirtatious Detective Kazamatsuri (Kippei Shiina).

With opening theme “Love Me Back” by Koda Kumi and ending theme “Meikyu Love Song” by Arashi, The After Dinner Mysteries is a smart and high-energy mystery program based on the best-selling novel by Tokuya Higashigawa.

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UTB Hollywood (United Television Broadcasting Systems, Inc.) is the only Japanese TV station in the Los Angeles area and the only 24-hour Japanese TV station in America, serving over 100,000 Japanese viewers plus 3 million Southern California viewers.

Broadcasting over the air for free in Southern California on Channel 18.2, UTB Hollywood’s programs include popular Japanese dramas, variety shows, and anime with English subtitles.

Since 1971, UTB has been sharing Japanese culture with viewers in the United States while also providing news and current events to the Japanese community. The company has continued on for decades following these two goals, and has become recognized as a major media source throughout Los Angeles.