YANAKIKU opens official Facebook page for international fans


J-Pop vocal and KIMOCOS (“Kimono Cosplay”) performance group YANAKIKU opened their official Facebook page this month, following their performances for international audiences at Hyper Japan in London this summer and the Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) in October. The duo released the music video for their second single “UP↑SIDE↓DOWN” earlier this year.

YANAKIKU Official Facebook:

Japanese Pop girl group YANAKIKU formed in 2012. As vocalists of the J-Pop group Missing Link, Yana and Kiku achieved 100,000 downloads in only a month from Japan’s music ringtone service Chaku-Uta and released their first song from EPIC Records Japan Inc. After the breakup of Missing Link in 2012, Yana and Kiku formed the new J-Pop duo YANAKIKU and released their first single “Miwaku No LADY” in October 2012. In 2013, they released their second single “UP↑SIDE↓DOWN” and performed for international audiences at Hyper Japan 2013 (London) and TIFFCOM 2013 (Japan). With their unique costumes named “KIMOCOS” (“Kimono Cosplay”) and their live Japanese calligraphy, YANAKIKU’s high-energy performances and bright, funny personalities are winning over music fans worldwide.