Leo Ieiri – a boy (Review)

Leo Ieiri
a boy
Review by Kelly-Mae Matt


Leo Ieiri’s second album a boy is the first album I have heard from the singer in full, introducing me to her breathtaking voice that is both soft and strong. Featuring a decent variety of tracks, a boy is a rather charming release from the popular singer, immersing the listener into an experience that I can only define as beautifully addictive.

The title track “a boy” is a gentle, sentimental tune that truly befits the beauty of Leo’s vocals, showing off her strength in singing sweet, emotional songs. It is a track that is powerful in its performance and composition, demonstrating a strong connection between Leo, the lyrics, and an amazing instrumental.

Songs such as “Message”, “Lay it down” and “Kibou no Hoshi” are also delightful to listen to, showcasing different sides to Leo’s vocals that we may not have known before now and truly bringing the album to life.

The experience of a boy is a joyful one, full of variety and power, truly capturing Leo Ieiri’s talent while revealing the emotional singer’s passionate voice. Through the quality of this album and Leo Ieiri’s vocals, I have been introduced to a wonderful singer and an album that is a joy to listen to.