Yui Ogura – Charming Do! (Review)

Yui Ogura
Charming Do!
Review by Kelly-Mae Matt


Charming Do! is Yui Ogura’s latest release which sports a fresh and energetic sound that is both memorable and catchy. Following Ogura’s previous single, Baby Sweet Berry Love, this release may be less upbeat but it is just as catchy and captivating in both sound and character.

The two-track single starts off with “Charming Do!”, a fun pop song with a beautiful up-tempo instrumental that is accompanied by the sweet and innocent sound of Ogura’s voice, a voice that is enhanced greatly by the pace and gentle sound of the instrumental that has been crafted. It is a very warm and welcoming song with a cute and pleasant tune that fits Orgura’s image perfectly.

The accompanying track is “Pandora Chocolat”, a playful song that truly shows off Ogura’s soft but sweet singing voice whilst further enhancing her fun and playful side. This track is more eccentric in sound with a child-like approach in the instrumental’s construction, crafting a fast-paced song that is carefree and light-hearted and just as enjoyable as “Charming Do!”.

Charming Do! is a single that perfectly represents the character of Yui Ogura and truly captures the pure innocence of her childlike nature and vocals. It is enjoyable to listen to with its cute anime pop sound and energetic approach. It’s by far my favourite release from Yui Ogura yet.

Charming Do! / Yui Ogura
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