Before Gaga and K-Pop, Crayon Pop debuted as a J-Pop act


Lady Gaga surprised K-Pop fans with her announcement that Crayon Pop would be the opener for her artRave: The ARTPOP Tour for a number of US dates. Crayon Pop debuted in 2012, and actually launched their promotions in Japan first. Check out their intriguing single “Saturday Night”! This infectious, 80s-inspired synth number was released in Japanese, and features a different image than their crash-helmet adorned, sporty uniforms that’s become their trademark.

Crayon Pop made their US debut at KCON 2013 in Los Angeles around the same time their viral hit “Bar Bar Bar” brought them worldwide attention. Prior to joining Crayon Pop, member Way (twin sister of member Cho A) was vocalist for the Korean indie band N. Dolphin.