Sayumi Michishige (Morning Musume ’14) – Interview (2014)

Sayumi Michishige (Morning Musume)
Interview by DJ Greg Hignight (Tune in Tokyo)
October 22, 2014


Sayumi Michishige is the longest-serving member of groundbreaking idol group Morning Musume。’14. She’s also been the leader since 2012, and surprised fans earlier this year by announcing her graduation following their fall tour. NekoPOP had the opportunity to talk with her about their recent New York concert, and her thoughts on the future of the group.

Morning Musume。’14 returned to the U.S. with your recent performance in New York. What were your expectations for the concert?

Sayumi Michishige: It was our first live show overseas in a long time, so I was looking forward to the reactions of the fans. Also, this was the first time to show the fans overseas our current dance styles, so we wanted to make sure we gave that a lot of focus.

You will be graduating from Morning Musume。’14 this fall. What are your hopes and dreams for the group after you graduate?

Sayumi Michishige: After my graduation, Morning Musume。will become 15 (“one-five”), and the group will change even more. It’s not only the age will be younger, but the number of the members will be much bigger, and there is someone who is the smartest in the history of Morning Musume。!

What is your warmest memory from being a part of Morning Musume。’14? And what is your funniest moment?

Sayumi Michishige: We did a fan club tour last year for the first time, and I was so moved by the emotions of the fans!

Please tell us your message for U.S. fans.

Sayumi Michishige: I really wish we could perform overseas more and more! We’ll always perform with everything we’ve got, so keep watching!