STARMARIE hits #2 on the Oricon indies chart with “Who Killed Circus”

Idol unit STARMARIE has ranked 2nd on the Oricon indies weekly ranking in Japan with their chilling and provocative new single “Who Killed Circus”. Described as the group’s “scariest single yet”, the song continues STARMARIE’s concept of “fantasy idol” music, weaving a tale of mystery and suspense set in a haunted hotel.


The mysterious allure of “Who Killed Circus” has inspired fans to provide their own interpretations of the song’s lyrics. With so many perspectives, the song creates an additional sense of fun. STARMARIE is known for their macabre subject matter, but member Shino Takanori says that although their producer pens the dark lyrics, the girls bring the colorful and dramatic storytelling to life. The combination of suspenseful stories interpreted by vibrant and lively performances make STARMARIE unique among idol groups.


In addition to “Who Killed Circus,” STARMARIE has released two other singles, “The remaining 124 days of Cinderella” and an updated version of “The Ball of Midnight Rhapsody”.

STARMARIE, formed in 2008, features members Hiroka Matsuzaki (20), Motoko Nakane (22), Nozomi Kishita (24), Shino Takamori (22) and Kaede Watanabe (19). They have performed around the world, including Los Angeles, Texas, and New York in the U.S., in addition to the Philippines and Taiwan, and throughout Japan.

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