Akari Mon Amour – Interview (2015)

Los Angeles-based EDM and Metal hybrid band Akari Mon Amor has released their debut music video, “Wonder”. The Sci-Fi themed MV features vocalist Rayko (Lolita Dark, Dig Jelly), drummer Jamie Scoles (Nylon Pink), SanSan (DJ and backing vocals), Ayaka (synth), Kyon-Shi (bass) and Dagan (lead guitar).


NekoPOP talked with Rayko about the concept behind the band, their futuristic image, and her hopes for the project.

What can you tell us about Akari Mon Amor? This is quite different than Lolita Dark. What were the challenges involved in recording synth/dance metal?

Rayko: It’s definitely high-concept. We wanted to create something completely cutting-edge. The only difficulty we faced is to create the right balance – not too EDM, Dub Step or Metal, but a blend of styles.


Your styling is fantastic. How was the look for Akari Mon Amour developed? How would you describe your new style, and did it change the way you approached performing in the video?

Rayko: Kyon-Shi and DJ SanSan are the concept and visual directors of AMA. The idea is that we are visitors on Earth from outer space, brought by a mothership. Kyon-Shi and SanSan asked each of us to chose our own characters. I chose something I can easily relate to – “Shinobi”, the vigilante assassin who fights to protect people. I used to be a bit rough and tough when I was young, but was able to turn that around. I’ve tried to help people since I got straightened out. It’s cool to fantasize about being a reformed alien vigilante from outer space!

What can we expect next from Akari Mon Amour?

Rayko: We will start to perform some local shows in LA the near future. Now that we’ve officially landed on this planet, we’ll be exploring this place, and showing our earthly friends what we are made of!

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