May 09 2015

Anna Tsuchiya – Anime Matsuri 2015 Live Report

Anna Tsuchiya
Anime Matsuri, April 5, 2015

Live Report by Jen Wang

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The first couple of hazy guitar riffs drifted into the crowd, which grew excited with recognition. These were the first notes to Anna Tsuchiya’s most well-known hit, “rose” from the NANA anime series. For years, Anna won over American fans on the silver screen as the tough-talking yankii, Ichiko Shirayuri, in Kamikaze Girls, in the pages of fashion magazines, and through her music. Finally at Anime Matsuri, she had the chance to headline a U.S. show, and she was clearly thrilled. Despite the moody tone of “rose”, she was smiling and shaking hands. She even took a letter from a fan.

Next came a cover of The Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive”. Shimmying out of her leather jacket, Anna moved with a swagger that fit the disco hit even if her rendition was more rock ‘n’ roll. She got the audience to dance too during “masquerade”. The song’s repetitiveness allowed her to interact with her band and the fans, and she even took an Ichiko cosplayer’s jacket to put on. For a few poses, the yankii was back.

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After a couple more energetic numbers, the set took a dark turn with her latest single, “LUCIFER”. The lyrics gained even more intensity with the low notes and Anna powering through the heavy bass. “GUILTY” and “Without You” kept the hard rock instrumentals, but the vocals were brighter and more a pop-punk style. She ended with the infectious “SLAP THAT NAUGHTY BODY”. Though whimsical and light-hearted, the song showcased her gospel training as she told the crowd to “raise [their] hands”. It was hard to not comply when her passion came out so clearly.

One thing lacking from her initial set was a ballad so naturally, Anna began her encore with the heartfelt “Kuroi Namida”. However, she said that she wanted to end on a happy note, and that was what she got with “Brave Vibration”. Her show ended with a literal bang as silver confetti shot through the air and rained on the smiling faces. The biggest smile of all belonged to Anna.

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1. “rose”
2. “Stayin’ Alive”
4. “masquerade”
6. “Bangalicious”
9. “Without You”
10. “Switch On!”

1. “Kuroi Namida”
2. “Brave Vibration”

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