Intriguing fantasy idol unit STARMARIE journeyed to Taiwan for their “STARMARIE ASIA TOUR 2015” ~FANTASTIC~ powered by e-earphone” tour. Performing in their new original costumes designed by Hasidume Momo, STARMARIE arrived onstage to wild applause from a packed venue.


Fans jammed the meet and greet session afterwards at the Moon Romantic Restaurant on April 18. The girls went on to perform their exclusive show at PIPE Live Music. The show was a wild success.


STARMARIE performed fan favorites including “Good Morning Hamamura Show”, “Splendid Alibi of the Emperor”, and “Professor Honda’s Dying Message.” The energy continued to rise during “Let’s go to Work in a Haunted House”, “Mole Mystery Tour”, and “Bread Factory of Tears – Concel Kamata.”

After their show, the crowd cheered excitedly at the announcement of their upcoming performances at the Taipei PIPE Live Music Taiwan Festival on July 4th and 5th, and the Anime Fair in Zhuhai (their first appearance in mainland China) on October 3rd and 4th. According to local Taiwanese fans, they are the first Japanese idols to perform regularly in Taiwan.


STARMARIE will appear in Jakarta on May 9th-10th, and Manila on June 7th.

Formed in 2008, STARMARIE is a five-girl idol group whose dark fantasy aesthetic, cute looks, and catchy dance moves are part of their charm. STARMARIE consists of Hiroka Matsuzaki, Makoto Nakane, Nozomi Kishita, Shino Takamori, and Kaede Watanabe. They have performed overseas in the United States, Philippines, and Taiwan, and are performing in Tokyo, Sapporo, Taiwan, Hamamatsu, Indonesia, Osaka, the Philippines, and Nagoya on their Asia Tour. STARMARIE are brand ambassadors for Japan’s prominent headphone specialty shop, e☆earphone.

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