ADDICTION Performs One Year Anniversary One Man Live Show


Dance-vocal group ADDICTION performed their One Year Anniversary One Man Live show (individual show), “The first anniversary memory Live” at Shin-Okubo SHOBOX on June 28.

ADDICTION performed their original songs in front of a full house – ADDICTION PARTY, STAY, HOLD YOU – and then a number of K-Pop covers including Growl (EXO), Horumon Sensou (BTS). The boys continued full steam ahead with their new tracks, Nasty bae, Trip with you, New story, HEAT UP, and ADDICTION PARTY again as their encore. There were quite a few touching moments during the performance, when the group was moved to tears over K.B’s letter to his groupmates. TRIP (ADDICTION fans) went wild at the news of a new single CD release coming soon this fall.

The up-and-coming group made an appearance at hot music news channel Music Nyt’s public recording at Tower Records Shibuya on July 6 (Mon). Many fans crowded to get a glimpse of ADDICTION. The footage will be broadcast on NOTTV! on July 24 (Fri) from 16:00. In other exciting news, at Shin-Okubo’s SHOBOX show, ADDICTRIP vol. 6, the group announced that they would be performing at their first overseas show at Indonesia’s POPCON ASIA 2015 on August 8 and 9.

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