TIMM 2015 announces dates and performance by Sekai no Owari


The 12th Tokyo International Music Market (12th TIMM) will take place at Hotel Grand Pacific LE DAIBA from October 20th to October 22nd to promote the export of the Japanese music.

The event is a part of Japan Content Showcase 2015, together with TIFFCOM 2015 Marketplace for film & TV in Asia and Tokyo International Anime Festival 2015 (TIAF). Japan Content Showcase 2015 is an international trade show which attracts more than a thousand buyers and media from all over the world in search of the Japanese contents.

SEKAI NO OWARI will participate in the joint event, on one of the 3 days, which is a part of the 12th Tokyo International Music Market. Details will be announced shortly on the following website. (www.timm.go.jp)

<12th Tokyo International Music Market (12th TIMM)>
9:30-18:30(only 22nd 9:30-17:30)
Official website: www.jcs.tokyo / www.timm.go.jp
Organizers: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), UNIJAPAN, Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC) and The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA)


SEKAI NO OWARI is one of the most popular and skilled creative group in Japan right now.
In English, SEKAI NO OWARI means “end of the world”.
The group is made of four members: sound producer, lead guitarist, and band leader Nakajin; lead vocals and concept maker Fukase; stage producer and pianist Saori; and DJ LOVE, the clown masked DJ in charge of sound choice and comedic talk.
They started at a live music venue called club EARTH, which they created from the ground up and managed on their own. They all lived there together creating music and discussing the future of the group. They even tore down the old walls to put up soundproof walls all around the venue.
And now, their passion and deep connection to each other has led to their status as one of the premier music acts in Japan.
In January, 2015, they released their newest album Tree, which charted in at #1 on the hit charts.
And in July, they will perform at Nissan Stadium, Japan’s largest venue. Nissan Stadium is equivalent to London’s Olympic Stadium and can hold 70,000 to 80,000 people.
Their originality and unique ideas are portrayed through “TOKYO FANTASY”, a concept that is full of large scale fantasy, making attending the band’s live performances feel like a theme park, transporting fans to a completely different reality. This concept has been lauded all around the Japanese music industry.
In 2014, they held a major live music event which featured the popular American act OWLCITY as a special guest. At the same time, SEKAI NO OWARI was featured in OWLCITY’s worldwide release “TOKYO” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of9Py3umWl8 ).
Also, they worked with the Dutch DJ / Producer Nicky Romero on the release of their single “Dragon Night”.
You can also see their success on YouTube, as their big 2013 hit “RPG”, has reached more than 72 million views on the social video site. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi9uNu35Gmk )
Until now, they have performed all over Japan, including an arena tour that featured 15 performances in 9 cities and brought in more than 200,000 fans, as well as selling out the famous Budokan (known as the venue where The Beatles played in Japan). With multiple commercial tie-ups and features on TV and in movies, they have grown into one of Japan’s top acts.
And now, after years of preparation, SEKAI NO OWARI is ready to take their originality to music fans all around the world.
Their talent has put them at the top of the new generation of artists while they continue to evolve at an incredible speed. Official HP:http://sekainoowari.jp/en