International J-Pop artist Beckii Cruel models for OMAKASE launch

Viewster announced today that it is now taking pre-orders for OMAKASE, its premium service featuring merchandise, streaming video, music and comics. The first bimonthly box of merchandise will feature exclusive limited edition goods from the hit anime series Kill la Kill. Every month, the service will also offer original digital music EPs featuring artists from the anime community including voice actors and DJs.

“Kill la Kill is one of the greatest anime series of our generation, and featuring it in OMAKASE is the perfect way to launch our service,” said Rob Pereyda, CEO of Viewster Inc. “We hope that fans find that the experience we have crafted around Kill la Kill is as innovative as the show itself.”


Conceived in-house at Viewster, the scarf is part of the company’s efforts to create high quality merchandise as part of the anime community, and it is being modeled on social media prior to release by influencers with the “#dontloseyourscarf” hashtag including cosplayers, voice actors and musical artists like Beckii Cruel, Milk Tea Fox, and Sparkles.

NekoPOP-OMAKASE-Sparkles  Copy

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