Tigarah e Laura – This World is My Playground (Review)

Tigarah e Laura
This World is My Playground

Review by David Cirone


The split-personality dynamic of Tigarah e Laura (formerly Tigarah) tag-teams you with bad-ass attitude on This World is My Playground. Re-inventing herself after a long hiatus, Tigarah e Laura is a mixed-media concept of music, art, dance, and video, with Tigarah’s forceful personality at the center of the hurricane.

The defining first stroke is her video for “Spunky Afro Tiger Jet” — an animated overdose of pounding bass, exotic girls, and (yes) tanks. This is a Japanese girl who isn’t shy about sexuality, she’s swinging it around like a weapon, trying to pound your head into the dance floor.

Tigarah (the “devil”) and Laura (the “angel”) get title credit on the album, but the devil always gets the best beats. Look out for excellent dance/R&B work on “Party Monsters”, “The Gurl Is On The Table”, and “Get My Way”.

After one listen to This World is My Playground, you realize the true emphasis is on “My” — this is a girl who’s here to push the limits and take control. A fun ride, definitely worth repeating.


1. Spunky Afro Tiger Jet
2. Funky Wonderland
3. Party Monsters
4. Touch Myself
5. Give Me Everything
6. To All You Haters
7. We’re Gonna Rise
8. Get My Way
9. Come With Me
10. Magic Power
11. Onigiri Hunt
12. Beautiful Sunday
13. The Gurl Is On The Table (Featuring Tropkillaz)

Website: http://www.tigarah-e-laura.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TigaraheLaura/