to stream year-end concert on YouTube


Japanese dance/electronic duo will stream their Year End Special Concert live from the “YouTube Space Tokyo” private event tomorrow night at 9 pm (JST) exclusively at the official YouTube Channel. Anyone from anywhere around the world can tune-in to the live-stream.

Video Stream Direct Link: released their major-label debut album OLest earlier this year, featuring the hit YouTube video for “Otsubone Rock”. Last month, the group lent a helping hand to NOKKO from 80’s J-Pop band Rebecca on the re-version of “Friends” from NOKKO Sings REBECCA Tunes 2015. is slated to perform at Rockin’on presents COUNTDOWN JAPAN 15/16 and NHK’s Coming Next Festival 2016.

ABOUT CHARISMA.COM was formed by MC Itsuka and DJ Gonchi in 2011. Their poisonous lyrics, furious flow and electro‐tinged beats combine to create a genre-bending, explosive sound that resonates with Japan’s disillusioned Millennial Generation. The duo has gained a reputation for raucous live shows, with performances at major music festivals such as BAYCAMP, ROCK IN JAPAN and MOTEKI NIGHTS. In July 2013 their long‐awaited mini album “ai ai syndrome” went on sale to critical acclaim. Upon release they found a wide audience with headline track “HATE” being pushed by Tower Records and major FM radio stations (such as FM802, J‐WAVE, Tokyo FM and Zip FM etc.). Tie‐ups with renowned brands including Louis Vitton and PARCO soon followed.

In 2014, they released their full-length indies album DIStopping and embarked on a nationwide tour of Japan. In the same year, the group collaborated with Tempura Kids for the Tempura Kidz vs release “Mummy Killer.”

In 2015, they followed up with their major-debut album OLest on Warner Japan (feat, the video hit “Otsubone Rock”) and contributed songs to the television programs MUSIC Ru TV (TV Asahi), Cune (Yomirui TV), and BEATNIKS (Iwate Menkoi TV). facebook: