SAO’s Wake Me Up Asuna App now available in English


Sony Music Communications Inc. has released the first of a series of voice interactive assistant apps, “Wake Me Up Asuna,” now available internationally on the Google Android platform.
“Wake Me Up Asuna” is a personal smart assistant app that features a combination of Sony Corporation’s voice interactive technology, state-of-the-art speech synthesis, and an animated anime character interface, where the heroine, Asuna from the megahit anime “Sword Art Online,” provides useful information and morning entertainment including wake-up calls, current weather, fortune, and your scheduled appointments.

The international release is in response to numerous requests for multi-language availability since the June 2015 app release in Japan. The “Wake Me Up Asuna” app provides audio and speech feedback in Japanese only, but an English language support add-on (purchase required) is now available for English speaking users. The add-on allows the app to display English menus, show English subtitles of Asuna’s speech, and utilize the English voice recognition engine making interaction possible in English.

* Please note that all audio feedback by Asuna remains in Japanese even when using the English Support add-on.