STARMARIE Performs at Taiwan Lolita Fashion Event


Japanese girl group STARMARIE delivered their fourth solo show in Taiwan at ~THE FANTASY WORLD~ powered by Lukyou.

Ever since Nozomi Kishita declared at the STARMARIE Asia Tour Finale in June, “We’re going to bring all of our fans to Budokan,” STARMARIE have ventured on their road to the world-famous music arena. The first step on this quest jump-started five days after STARMARIE’s solo show at Shinjuku Blaze on November 3rd. Far from showing any signs of tiredness, STARMARIE rode their wave of greatness onto their show in Taiwan.

Following from the heavy-riffed “Good Morning!! Hamamura SHOW!”, STARMARIE propelled their Marists (fans) into their world of dark fantasy with the layered 4/4 kicks “A Mad Dance In The Moonlight” and “Who Killed Circus”. Interspersed among their set were STARMARIE’s sentimental and ephemeral rock tunes, their new tracks “Milky Way from my roof (the view you have seen before)” and “The magic has gone”, both well-received by the crowd. At the end of the show, it was announced that STARMARIE would be returning to the Taiwan stage on March 20th.


After 19 songs, the curtains closed on STARMARIE’s fourth well-received Taiwan performance.

Prior to their fourth solo show, STARMARIE represented Japan at an Asia-wide Girls Idol Festival along with idols Hazuki and Yumi Suzuhara, and Juriri Juriran Mirai Gorogoro Colony the 13th and TIRA from Taiwan. Girls Idol Festival culminated in a wild and frenetic idol collaboration!
STARMARIE have been on quite a roll; on November 7, STARMARIE forayed into the fashion world via guest appearances in Japanese lolita goth fashion event Salon de Trianon, dressed in PUTUMAYO, elements,H, and RoseMarie seoir.


STARMARIE will perform in Hong Kong for the first time on December 19 (Sat) at Hong Kong Girls Idol Music Festival vol.1 and vol. 2 supported by TALE, and again at their own solo show on the 20th (Sun).

Back in Japan, they are slated to perform at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST on February 19 (Fri), and then blast off on their Tomeihan (Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka) tour with performances at Osaka ESAKA MUSE on April 10 (Sun), Nagoya M.I.D on April 17 (Sun), and their grand finale at Akasaka BLITZ on April 27 (Wed).

STARMARIE’s Taiwan solo show can soon be re-experienced on Lukyou, an innovative next-generation Live Show Experience app which allows users to zoom in on their member of choice, and adjust their focus as they please.


Source: EA, Ltd.