Arashi to release 48th single, Fukkatsu Love

On the heels of the release of their most recent promotional video, boy band giants Arashi, will be releasing a brand new single on February 24th.


The newest PV for Fukkatsu Love (復活 Love) has made some rounds as it features Ikuta Toma, fellow Johnny’s & Associates talent, as the main star. Arashi, or Johnny’s groups in general, are not known to have others starring in their videos in an effort to keep the attention centered on them. Arashi broke away from this in the past year with ‘Kokoro no Sora (心の空)’ featuring guitarist and composer, Tomayasu Hotei. Now, they’re giving some screen time to their good friend, Ikuta Toma. The song was written, composed, and arranged by husband-and-wife team, Takeuchi Mariya and Yamashita Tatsuro.

Fukkatsu LOVE will mark the group’s 48th single. The single will include the title track, as well as one to three other new songs (depending on the edition). As usual, it will also include the karaoke tracks for each of them as well. There will be three types of releases available. The regular edition, the 2-disc limited edition with the single, a DVD that includes the PV and the making-of the PV, and a 16-page lyric booklet, and one package with both. All three can be purchased below.


Tracklist (Regular Edition)
1.復活 LOVE
2. 愛のCollection
3. Bang Bang
4. Are you ready now?
5. 復活LOVE (Original Karaoke)
6. 愛のCollection (Original Karaoke)
7. Bang Bang (Original Karaoke)
8. Are you ready now? (Original Karaoke)


Tracklist (Limited Edition)
Disc 1:
1. 復活 LOVE
2. Affection
3. 復活 LOVE (Original Karaoke)
4. Affection (Original Karaoke)
Disc 2:
1.復活 LOVE PV
2. Making of復活 LOVE PV
3.復活 LOVE Special Talk