Hitomi Noda of READY TO KISS is ready to kiss you in non-alcoholic wine commercial


Hitomi Noda of seven-girl idol unit READY TO KISS, whose catchphrase is “filling the world with kisses” is to star in the online commercial for Shonan Trading Co, Ltd’s (based out of Yokohama, Kanagawa) authentic nonalcoholic sparkling wine, Duc de Montagne Rose.


The commercial song is READY TO KISS’s major debut track, “Top Secret ~Setsunai Gokuhi Jikou”, chosen for Hitomin’s non alcoholic wine debut. In addition to the commercial, Hitomin’s official photos and testimonies about Duc de Montagne in the feature “What makes idols want to kiss?”


What happens when idols imbibe on the non-alcoholic Duc de Montagne’s sweetness that makes one want to kiss?

Shonan Trading publishes an online magazine promoting the non-alcoholic wine lifestyle called “MELLOW” (URL:http://wine-mellow.com). The imported wines promoted in this publication allow one to enjoy the taste and bouquet of wine without the effects of alcohol, and allow for wine to be accessible to wider audiences. A MELLOW survey (Nov 17-Dec 1 issue), showed that 33% of readers are the most concerned about the effects of alcohol the moment they are about to kiss someone. To address this, Shonan Trading has created a series of six online “Valentine’s kiss” commercials promoting the deliciousness of nonalcoholic wine that “makes you want to kiss”.

The six commercials promoting the deliciousness of nonalcoholic wine are:
Episode 1: Deliciousness that makes you want to dance
Episode 2: Deliciousness that you want to keep all for yourself
Episode 3: Deliciousness that makes idols want to dance(starring STARMARIE)
Episode 4: Deliciousness that makes you want to spread the word
Episode 5: Deliciousness that matches every situation
Episode 6: Deliciousness that makes idols want to kiss

Hitomi Noda Profile
Noda is the purple member of seven-girl idol unit READY TO KISS (whose catchphrase is “filling the world with kisses”. Her nickname is Hitomin. Noda was born on August 10, 1995, in Chiba prefecture and is 20 years old.
Twitter @hitomin_nanoda
BLOG, “Hitomin’s Blog”

Online magazine (original media) “MELLOW” WEB Updated 3-4 times per week
1. Innovative ideas for enjoying nonalcoholic wine with your meals, including sections for original recipes and gourmet guides. These recipes also pair well with alcoholic wine.
2. Beauty/fashion writers and celebrities share their non-alcoholic wine lifestyle experiences
3. Fun facts, surveys findings, and video clips from wine experts and sommeliers.

MELLOW comes from the English adjective meaning: soft, sweet, and full-flavored from ripeness mild, and relaxed. The title is evocative of the ripeness of wine, and the gentle, happy, and relaxed wine experiences that are the common thread in the web magazine.

Non-alcoholic wine product information
Duc de Montagne is manufactured by NOEBULLES in Belgium, and endorsed by the Embassy of Belgium
After fermenting regular alcoholic wine, the alcohol is removed through distillation at a low-pressure and low temperature, resulting in an authentic product with a residual alcohol content of 0.0%.

Duc de Montage retains the aroma and full flavor of wine, and has a loyal customer base. It made it to the top 3 in Rakuten’s Nonalcoholic Wine Ranking in the third week of January, 2016. Compared to other nonalcoholic wine juice products in which wine flavoring is simulated, Duc de Montage’s production involves special techniques that remove the alcohol from regular alcoholic wine, resulting in an authentic wine simulation experience.

Duc de Montage pairs well with food that pairs with similar alcoholic wines, can be used for toasts and celebrations, and allow your liver to take a break. The product is a good fit for those who do not drink, or cannot drink due to pregnancy, nursing, or being the designated driver. We wish for you all to experience this delicious non-alcoholic wine which is so good it “makes you want to kiss.”
※ This product was developed for consumption by those age 20 or older

Shonan Trading Co, Ltd Information
Shonan Trading’s aim is to “meet people and form bonds”. In addition to import and export sales of soft material associated equipment, Shonan Trading works with wine imports and recycling businesses.