Monthly Archive: March 2016

Mar 30 2016

READY TO KISS powers up with three new members


READY TO KISS’s 5th solo performance “Hello Goodbye” was held at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST on March 21st. In light of a trickle of graduations, the previously seven-girl group currently consists of Sakino Chiba, Hitomi Noda, Anju Ichinose, Ayuko Uehara, and Momona Harukawa. For their performance on the 21st, READY TO KISS alumna Huka Kawai and …

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Mar 21 2016

Perfume announces 2016 US Tour


Electropop hitmakers, Perfume, have announced they will hold a 4-city US Tour for August and September of this year. The tour will support their newest album, “COSMIC EXPLORER,” which is set for release April 6th. In 2015, Perfume conducted a similar tour but only visited New York and Los Angeles in the United States. Lucky …

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Mar 20 2016

FEMM – PoW! / L.C.S. (Review)


FEMM PoW!/L.C.S. Review by David Cirone FEMM isn’t running short in the attitude department — they’re still throwing buckets of shade on haters and broadly proclaiming their #1 status. “I’mma bad bitch chick outta Marvel flick” is the monster hook in the lead single “PoW!” Packing the song with aggressive lyrics while maintaining the mannequin …

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Mar 20 2016

AKB48’s Mariya Nagao releases Utsukushii Saibo photobook


AKB48’s Mariya Nagao has released her first photobook, titled Utsukushii Saibo. The collection of images was timed to release on her 21st birthday, and just before her graduation from the group on March 19. The book’s images were selected with the theme of saying goodbye to a closing chapter of her life and looking forward …

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Mar 18 2016

BABYMETAL gets spooky with KARATE music video


BABYMETAL is growing up… and their latest music video “Karate” is definitely darker in tone, with touches of melodrama thrown in for good measure. Hard riffs throughout, but the trio is a little less animated than we’re used to seeing in their previous videos. Is this a sign of a tonal shift from the adolescent …

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Mar 05 2016 – Aidoro C (Review)

NekoPOP-Charisma-com-Aidoru-C-review1 likes playing with your head. Aidoro C, the latest album from the duo of MC Istuka and DJ Gonchi (following up 2015’s O-Lest) dares you to dance while hitting you in the face with topical lyrics that don’t pull any punches. They’re going to make sure you blink before they do (DJ Gonchi is …

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Mar 01 2016

Amatsuki to Appear at MCM London Comic Con This May


Amatsuki, a vocalist that emerged from the internet and now enjoys great popularity, will make his first UK performance at MCM London Comic Con on 27-29 May 2016. Amatsuki has achieved over 35 million views on NicoNico Douga, a Japanese video-sharing service much like YouTube, with his covers of Vocaloid, anime and video game songs …

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