READY TO KISS powers up with three new members


READY TO KISS’s 5th solo performance “Hello Goodbye” was held at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST on March 21st.

In light of a trickle of graduations, the previously seven-girl group currently consists of Sakino Chiba, Hitomi Noda, Anju Ichinose, Ayuko Uehara, and Momona Harukawa. For their performance on the 21st, READY TO KISS alumna Huka Kawai and Miya Goto made guest appearances, reuniting the group. However, with Momona Harukawa graduating on March 24, and Anju Ichinose on April 3, READY TO KISS will be down to three members. With fans eagerly anticipating new developments, the crowd went wild when the group’s new publicity shots were revealed.

Teaming up with First Generation stars Sakino Chiba, a sweetheart with vivid vocals, popular beauty Hitomi Noda, and passionate dancer Ayuko Uehara, are Koto Sakai, former Sanspo Idol Reporter and talented singer, Reina Kiyokawa, popular idol of SAY-LA, and Sayana Ookawa, former member of Sweet Pastel girl group. The six-girl READY TO KISS will begin performing together on April 3.

NekoPOP-READY-TO-KISS-2016-03-new-Ayuko- Uehara