Legendary producer Tetsuya Komuro debuts new 5-girl group DefWill

Tetsuya Komuro, the legendary producer behind Namie Amuro, Globe, Tomomi Kahala and other ground-breaking J-Pop artists, is now putting his star-making power behind new girl group DefWill. The five-member act has debuted with the single “Lovely Day”, the theme song for Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn/Winter 2016.


DefWill’s name comes from slang, “Definitely, I will”. The strong messages conveyed by their name are “accomplish it by all means”, and “fulfilling promises”.

DefWill’s members Rei, Monna, Ayano, Hina and Lety are truly global artists with multilingual, multi-ethnic backgrounds and a treasure of musical influences in their repertoire. Komuro will be creating the sound for the group, building upon their amazing talents.


DefWill Official Website