Bed In Bring Back 80s Japan with RICH


“Sexy Underground Idol” twosome Bed In go international with their debut album RICH, featuring a cover shot by photographer Kishin Shinoyama. RICH, released for digital download and streaming through JPU Records, pays homage to Japan’s bubble economy of the 80s and early 90s, an era defined by neon bodycon dresses, gigantic shoulder pads and excess partying – not to mention ridiculously catchy J-pop tunes with high-tempos, fun dance moves and the odd guitar solo thrown in for good measure. Bed In brings it all back and more.

The self-produced unit sees guitarist Mai Chusonji (formally of Tokyo psychedelic garage rock outfit Rei no K) team-up with Yo-say-tachi frontlady Kaori Masukodera for a unique, outrageous and retrospective romp through the golden era of J-Pop. Joining them is acclaimed photographer and cultural phenomenon Kishin Shinoyama, responsible for shooting the album’s cover and promotional images, hip hop heroes Cypress Ueno and Roberto Yoshino as guests on track “Nariagari VICTORY”, and 90s Japanese comedian UNJASH on album closing track “Shirokurotsukanai”.

RICH opener “GOLD no Kaikan” also saw the ladies land their first movie tie-in, with the track becoming the theme song to comedy monster flick Daikaiju Mono, starring supersized New Japan Pro Wrestling star and WWE newcomer Kota Ibushi. The video to their second single “♂×♀×Poker” game has achieved over 250,000 hits on YouTube, while follow up release “C Chou venus!” sees one of Bed In’s most outlandish videos so far, featuring lasers, fake flames and feather fans as the ladies hit downtown Shibuya.

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