FES☆TIVE are first Japanese artists to perform on popular Indonesian SCTV show Inbox


FES☆TIVE released their first album Wasshoi Record on July 27, and the matsuri-themed idol group has received offers to perform at Japanese Festivals in Thailand and Hong Kong. They are slated to perform as the main act of The University of Indonesia’s Japan Fest, GELAR JEPANG22.

On August 19, the group traveled to Indonesia to perform on the popular SCTV program, Inbox. Greeted by an enthusiastic live audience, FES☆TIVE participated in the talk show segment via an interpreter, performed a cover of Gangnam Style and a traditional Indonesian dance, concluding with a live performance of “Go Zipang”, their third single released previously this year.


Many Japanese artists have performed on Indonesia’s popular music program Dahsyat (RCTI), but FES☆TIVE is the first to perform on Dahsyat’s unparalleled “twin jewel”, Inbox, an unexpected feat for the group’s first show in the country. FES☆TIVE followed up with an August 20 performance for a crowd of 5,000 as GELAR JEPANG22’s main act (75 minutes) at Parkir Timur Senayan.

Upon returning to Japan, FES☆TIVE will perform a spin-off solo show in Nagoya, “Wasshoi Wonderland – Nagoya Edition” at Nagoya Live Hall M.I.D. on September 4.


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