nowisee multimedia project combines anime, manga, and music


“nowisee” (pronounced “noise”) is a cross-content creation between music, animation, novel and comics. On August 8th, 2015, 08:08:08, the music video titled “Vibration” was released online. With mind-blowing music and stunning visuals, the video spread over the internet, gaining 100,000 views in only a week.

Behind the unit name “nowisee” stands 6 anonymous professional musicians who have been sold over 15,000,000 CDs combined, but will not reveal their true identities.

The story of “nowisee” aims to make today’s young people question the meaning of life. The project consists of 24 videos, with new episodes to be released on the 8th of every month. A written novel of the story is being published on “nowisee” Official Smartphone Application with new chapter on 28th every month, and a manga of the same story is being published on comico with a new update on every day of a month with the number “8” in it.


Story ―
“Looking for the reason to live.”
“I” opened her eyes in an unknown beach in the middle of the night. She had lost her memory and couldn’t even remember her name. As she was left there with no idea of what had happened and who she was, a man named “D” appeared from nowhere and saved her. D took her to a house where his friends were. There I meets the head of the house “R”, alcoholic “J” and mysterious boy “C”. She learns that the place she is in is “sea” (a separate world where people who have lost the hope to the real world and have decided to end their lives visit before their death), and that they are special beings in that world. While still having no idea of the reason she exists (the past she has forgotten), one day she meets a girl named “U”, who disappears immediately. For some reason I can’t forget U, and she believes that U has something to do with the memory I has lost, and so I starts to look for her. What will be waiting for her in the end?




About “nowisee” ―
“nowisee” (pronounced “noise”). Strange Octave (vocal), Minimum Root (guitar), Add Fat (guitar), Turtle 7th (piano), Chotto Unison (bass) and Zankoku tone (artwork). Group of professional musicians who have been involved in so many creations that their overall sales combined are over 15,000,000 CDs. On August 8th, 2015, 08:08:08, they published their first song “Vibration”, and announced that they will be releasing a new song every month on the 8th. On October 8th, 2015, they released a smartphone application on AppStore and GooglePlay as a collection of their creations, making it the first “smartphone application album”. By August 2016 the application has been downloaded over 50,000 times, and it has been gaining attention all over, achieving the #5 spot in the AppStore entertainment ranking. On August 10th, they released their 1st Album “Tenohira no Sensou” from King Records.