ShuuKaRen reveals album jackets, special editions for Universe debut


ShuuKaRen, the dance/fashion duo formed by Shuuka Fujii (E-girls/Flower) and Karen Fujii (E-girls/Happiness), has revealed the jacket art for the triple editions of their debut CD Universe, coming out October 5. The limited edition is bound to be the hot fan item, packing in a CD, DVD, and 52-page magazine, while the one-coin (500 yen) version is a cool way to drop a gift on a friend who needs more E-Girls in his/her life.


Shuuka and Karen have also released the music video for title track “Universe” and are keeping busy with endorsements for Beats By Dre and E-Ma candies.

Track List:
1. Universe
2. Tricky
3. Take-A-Shot! feat. PKCZ

ShuuKaRen Website: