C-ute to perform final overseas concerts, Juice=Juice announces first world tour


Hello! Project idol group ℃-ute will perform their final overseas concerts this week on April 13th in Mexico City, Mexico and on April 16th in Paris, France.

℃-ute, who announced their disbandment last year, will make their final concert appearance at Saitama Super Arena on June 12th. Throughout their 12-year career, they have performed extensively not only in Japan, but multiple times overseas in Mexico, France, and Taipei, mesmerizing audiences of all ages worldwide.

℃-ute will pass on their legacy to their kouhai (junior) group, Juice=Juice, who announced that they will be embarking on their first worldwide tour in September.

The five-member Juice=Juice, who previously performed overseas in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2015, will perform for the first time in seven different countries: Mexico, United States, England, France, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand. More details and dates will be announced at a later date.

ABOUT ℃-ute

Formed in 2005, ℃-ute is a five-member Japanese idol group from Hello! Project. The group name ℃-ute comes from the combination of the word cute and ℃, to represent the passion and fiery body temperature of the members.

Maimi Yajima (25)
Saki Nakajima (23)
Airi Suzuki (23)
Chisato Okai (22)
Mai Hagiwara (21)



ABOUT Juice=Juice
Formed in 2013, Juice=Juice is a five-member Japanese idol group from Hello! Project. Their group name Juice=Juice comes from various notions such as: just-harvested, fresh-picked, spontaneity, natural, freshly squeezed, etc. Then, with the individuality of each member, you obtain Juice=Juice. Following the meaning of this name, each member’s image represents a fruit.

Yuka Miyazaki (23)
Tomoko Kanazawa (21)
Sayuri Takagi (19)
Karin Miyamoto (18)
Akari Uemura (18)