Mondo Grosso – Labyrinth (MV)


The latest music video from Mondo Grosso (composer Shinichi Osawa) features renowned actress Hikari Mitsushima dancing around Hong Kong’s urban cityscape at night.

The powerful opening image of the actress posed before a background of towering apartments comes from director Takeshi Maruyama’s keen eye, and Mitsushima (a pop singer in her former life, and known to Western fans for Japanese film and television work such as Love Exposure, Woman, and Death Note) delivers a delightfully carefree performance.

Mondo Gross’s album Nandodemo Atarashiku Umarekawaru (his first in over a decade) features collaborations with Bird, Asuka Saito (Nogizaka46), Atsushi Yanaka (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra), and Yuka (moumoon).