Jan 13 2018

The World Standard (Wa-Suta) wraps national tour at Asakasa Blitz


The World Standard (Wa-Suta) completed their second nationwide tour “Wasuta LIVE TOUR 2017 Paradox World” at Akasaka Blitz on Jan. 8th, 2018. The 9-city tour took Wasuta through 18 shows across Japan for over 5000 fans. At the tour’s final show, the group premiered their new single “Welcome to Dream”.

Group leader Nanase Hirokawa said, “We feel very honored to finalize this tour with such high spirits and meet all our fans. We didn’t want it to end! Personally, I feel we’ve matured more as a group and as individuals throughout this tour. We’ll keep working to do our best, and hope that our fans will believe in us and continue supporting Wasuta!”


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