BESPA KUMAMERO releases emotional memorial song “Inori”


BESPA KUMAMERO’s new digital single “Inori” (“Prayer”) was released worldwide on August 10, 2018. The Japanese electronic performance unit has included ballads on previous releases (“Losing Time”, “Pop (Breeze Piano Version”), but “Inori” is their most personal song to date.

August 10 marks the fifth anniversary of the passing of vocalist Azumi’s father, and even though the emotional tribute had completed production nearly a year ago, the group was waiting for the special date to release the song.


“Heartbreaking and shocking incidents continuously happened over the last few years,” Azumi said, “the earthquake and tsunami of Japan, terrorist incidents around the world, the death of my beloved father… and the impact that these events left behind was very large. So many people have lost something very dear to them. The hearts of so many people were deeply wounded. What it means when someone dies, and what it means to live… what if there is a rebirth?”

“And so, I say a prayer,” she continued. “If a prayer could heal the heart, even if a little bit. If I could heal someone’s heart. If a prayer could grant someone’s desires, if they can be saved, if they can have hope — These are just a few of the many thoughts I put into this song and its lyrics.”


Formed in 2001, BESPA KUMAMERO released their first full-length album Romantic Waves in 2008, followed by appearances in USA (Anime Matsuri), Mexico, and Russia the same year. The high energy duo was nominated for Best Japanese Rising Star in 2008 and Best Japanese Electronic Group in 2009 by Shojo Beat magazine.

With Azumi Kuwadate on vocals and Monkichi Irikura on keyboard and programming, BESPA KUMAMERO released two more back-to-back albums, Plastic Confusion (2009) and Spiral Connector (2010). Their high-energy stage show featuring industrial beats, martial arts choreography, cyberpunk costumes, laser guns and samurai swords earned them more international invitations for concerts in England, France, Hungary, and Canada, with return appearances in America for Anime Boston (2009) and Anime Matsuri (2011).