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m-flo / “SQUARE ONE” Teaser (Video)

m-flo looks like a hell of a lot of fun to hang out with… Extra: m-flo loves BoA (live)

DiVA / Lost the way -short ver.- (Video)

DiVA-LENTINE’S DAY…? DiVA – Lost the way -short ver.-

Bonnie Pink – Tsumetai Ame (PV)

May’n – HEAT of the moment (PV)

“1 chorus version” of May’n’s new single “HEAT of the moment”

May J will appear at Tune in Tokyo in Los Angeles

May J, J-Pop singer and host of NHK’s J-Melo show, will make a special appearance at Tune in Tokyo on Wed., February 22, 2012 in Los Angeles. Info at Tune in Tokyo’s Tumblr site.

D☆DATE – Joker (short version) (PV)

D☆DATE’s new short version / teaser for “Joker”. Will the full version be as long awesome as AKB48’s short film for “Flying Get?” Official Website

Koda Kumi – Love Me Back (PV)

I’m tempted to say Koda Kumi lets her little stripper side out… but it’s not like it was ever hidden. Who else in J-Pop can pull off these dance moves (complete with booty-shake at 0:42)? Koda Kumi – Love Me Back (clip): Making of (clip):

Koda Kumi – JAPONESQUE (Review)

Koda Kumi JAPONESQUE Review by David Cirone JAPONESQUE is a powerhouse 19-track release from Koda Kumi that affirms her place in modern J-Pop royalty. Full of confidence and maturity, Koda Kumi still hasn’t lost her playful side and unabashed sexiness. JAPONESQUE opens strong with an instrumental intro theme of oriental-themes beats and the dreamy repeat …

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