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Best J-Pop Album Covers 2018

Check out NekoPOP′s best J-Pop album/single jackets for 2018, chosen by NekoPOP contributors David Cirone, Nhu Nguyen, and Todd Nelson.

PassCode – Ray
David: PassCode’s ultra-fierce vocal assault on your brain is demonstrated in “Ray”‘s futuristic model of cerebral destruction.

Ai Otsuka – LOVE HONEY TOUR 2017
David: Ai Otsuka lets the flowers do the talking in her cover for her 2017 tour album.

Kiyoshi Hikawa – Shin, Enka Meikyoku Collection 8 -Fuyu no Pegasus
David: Kiyoshi Hikawa can pull this look off in a million ways that I can’t. Fabulous level 100 achieved, with winged horse for extra credit.

Daoko – Shiteki Ryoko
David: Daoko’s adventures take her into outer space for her 3rd album Shiteki Ryoko, including her collaborations with Yasutaka Nakata for the Dragalia Lost RPG, video game composer Taku Inoue, and Masayuki Nakano from BOOM BOOM SATELLITES.

Seiko Oomori – Kusokawa PARTY
Todd: Seiko Oomori invites you to taste a selection of her darkest favorite things, delivered with a sinister twist of course.

Reol – Jijitsu Jo
David: Reol pulls back the curtain on her newly-revealed solo persona with vibrant, unrestrained color.

Nogizaka46 – Jikochu de Ikou
Nhu: “Jikochu de Ikou”‘s summer vibe is overflowing with Nogizaka46’s blue outfits, yellow shoes, and cute pop art versions of watermelons.

Perfume – Mugen Mirai
Nhu: I love Perfume’s elegant mid-air poses and the way their hair and black dresses look against the backdrop of nature — chic city girls free from city woes.

Aimer – Ref:rain / Mabayui Bakari
Nhu: The striking cover reminds me of an art installation Instagramers would love to capture as singer Aimer sits in the middle of a myriad of upside down pink umbrellas, choosing only one to serve its purpose.

m-flo – Piece of Me
David: m-flo’s mildly retro “Piece of Me” — the theme from Prince of Legend — goes full retro in the single’s key image, signaling the newly-reformed trio’s willingness to poke fun at their own childish personas.