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Spark Speaker – Shooting Star (MV)

Houkago Princess – Abracadabu Luv (MV)

Houkago Princess transforms to a glamourous Arabian style for their seductive new single “Abracadabu Luv”.

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Aina the End (BiSH) – Acoustic Live (2017)

Aina the End performs a solo cover of BiSH’s popular song “Hoshi ga Shibataku Yoru Ni” in her acoustic live performed November 19, 2017.

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RHYMEBERRY – Chotto yatte mita dake (MV)

Fist-pumping groove, genuine attitude and slick lyrics in RHYMEBERRY’s latest video “Chotto yatte mita dake”.

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Kamen Joshi appointed official Akihabara Ambassadors

Masked girl idols Kamen Joshi have been appointed official ambassadors for Akihabara Tourism. Five years after the underground idol group established their permanent home at the P.A.R.M.S. Theater in Akihabara, the performers have been featured in international news media and achieved over 2.8 million followers on Facebook, the highest number of any group in the …

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Maison book girl – Cotoeri (MV)

Wood blocks and strings, the staples of a Maison book girl song — mix that with some sign language-inspired dance moves and you get this artsy new video for “Cotoeri”, their third major-label single. Via: Straight From Japan

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Hitoto Yo – Hanamizuki (live)

Hitoto Yo’s moving ballad “Hanamizuki” was the theme for the Kinyou Suspense Gekijou and inspired the 2010 film Hanamizuki starring Yui Aragaki and Toma Ikuta. It’s also one of Japan’s top karaoke songs.

BiSH – My landscape (MV) and More

BiSH”s surprise release of “My landscape” might set the record for most costly alt-idol music video ever, using the Mojave Air and Space Port and surrounding desert in Mojave, California. — Was it worth it? The song is great, the video looks great, and the girls are superb.

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SHE IS SUMMER – Water Slider (MV)

SHE IS SUMMER’s vocalist Mico struggles to decide if she’s brave enough to take the plunge into new love in the music video for “Water Slider”, from the pop unit’s upcoming first album “WATER”, due November 8, 2017.

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FEMM reveals retro music video cover of 80s WINK hit “Samishii Nettaigyo”

J-Pop mannequin duo FEMM has released the new music video for their cover of the Wink’s 1989 #1 hit “Samishii Nettaigyo”. The video is a detailed shot-for-shot reproduction of WINK’s original, including precisely matched choreography and 80s video styling, combined with updated fashions and the unique personalities of FEMM singers Riri and Lula. FEMM – …

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