Preview video for DREAMS COME TRUE WONDERLAND 2011 DVD/Blu-Ray release.

A fantastic concert, and excellent DVD production (expecially on Blu-Ray).

…Miwa does a lot of flying around!

Rino Sashihara – Soredemo Sukidayo (PV)

Rino Sashihara – Soredemo Sukidayo (PV)

Namie Amuro – Go Round / YEAH-OH (MU-MO TV Spot) (video)

Namie Amuro – Go Round / YEAH-OH (MU-MO TV Spot) (video)


May’n fans are mad crazy for May’n☆GO!AROUND!!

May’n’s special live show “May’n☆GO!AROUND!!” just started at the Yokohama Arena.

Here are some pics from Twitter:


May'n GO! AROUND!! Yokohama Arena

More fan photos…

E-Girls – One Two Three (Short Ver) (PV)

E-Girls – One Two Three (Short Ver) (PV)

Ayumi Hamasaki – “Ayupan” Augmented Reality App (video)

Ayumi Hamasaki – “Ayupan” Augmented Reality App (video)

May’n – 2011 RHYTHM TANK!! at Nippon Budokan (Review)

Special Concert BD 2011 RHYTHM TANK!! at Nippon Budokan

Review by David Cirone


May’n’s power as a live performer keeps growing, and it’s the key ingredient to her rising success and legions of loyal fans all over Asia. Since her beginnings as part of HoriPro Agency’s Talent Scout Caravan, she’s lived up to her promise to give an unforgettable performance every chance she gets. She’s playing for keeps, and if you ever see her live interviews, you can see a determination and resolve uncharacteristic for such a young performer.

T-Ono interview with May’n
Anime Diet interview with May’n

From the very beginning of this special concert DVD, she taps into a seemingly unlimited reservoir of energy. The loud shout of “BUDOKAAAAN!” coming out of her petite frame shows complete confidence, and as she launches into “Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare,” she just simply owns the place for the run of the this 2-hour+ live show.


May J. and Joe Inoue join Tune in Tokyo for HARAJUKU HOLIDAY



Tune in Tokyo , L.A.’s first monthly J-Pop event, presented HARAJUKU HOLIDAY on February 22, 2012. Held at the world-famous Royal/T Café, Shop & Artspace, HARAJUKU HOLIDAY featured May J. and Joe Inoue, hosts of NHK World’s “J-MELO” English-language music show as part of a Lolita Fashion Showcase and J-Pop Dance Party.

May J. (Avex Records / Rhythm Zone) and Joe Inoue (Ki/oon Records) appeared at Tune in Tokyo’s February event to shoot a special episode focusing on Los Angeles. The world-famous recording artists treated attendees to live performances, met with fans, and participated as special guest judges in Tune in Tokyo’s Lolita Fashion Contest, choosing the most “fashion forward” Lolita! The special episode of “J-MELO” featuring Tune in Tokyo is set to air in early April 2012.

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Anna Tsuchiya “Is This Love?” (PV)

Anna Tsuchiya “Is This Love?” (PV)

Anna Tsuchiya “Is This Love?” (PV teaser)

DREAMS COME TRUE donates over 13M Yen to Japanese Red Cross


DREAMS COME TRUE announced this week that the band has donated 13.35 million yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society, the result of the benefit album “THE SOUL FOR THE PEOPLE ~Higashi Nihon Daishinsai Shien Best Album~”.

Special album site: