Dec 23 2017

NECRONOMIDOL – Interview (2017)

Interview by John Winner (Straight From Japan)
December 23, 2017


Do you ever feel you get more attention from western fans than from fans in Japan? Is there a different way they show their support?

Sari: “Idol” as a concept is already kind of made in Japan, so the path to becoming popular as an idol and also the way you support idols — the way that you show your support is set. In the west and overseas it’s all kind of up in the air. Nobody has made that one way to do things. There’s not one particular path to follow to success, so there’s a lot more freedom on our side for how we proceed as a group, and also on the fan side for how they show their support.

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Dec 22 2017

Virtual artist IA to premiere new musical ARIA in France


After completing her 11-city “PARTY-A-GO-GO” world tour, IA has announced that her next international concert titled “ARIA” will premiere next June in Enghien-les-Bains, France.

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Dec 20 2017

Kamen Joshi sets idol industry record with 3 million Facebook followers


Japanese underground idols Kamen Joshi achieved a social media milestone this week by surpassing 3 million Facebook followers. The masked idols from Akihabara currently hold the highest count of Facebook followers among all Japanese idol groups, and hitting the 3 million mark places them among the most popular of all Japanese entertainers.

Kamen Joshi, who perform over 1000 live shows yearly, have contributed the opening theme for the anime Cheating Craft and were recently named official ambassadors for Akihabara Tourism. Last month they announced a new trainee unit SURIJIE, and their fourth official unit Easter Girls will make their performance debut on December 31 in Osaka.

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Dec 14 2017

Kamen Joshi creates Infinity Girls unit for iiyama PC


On December 13, Kamen Joshi revealed their limited-time unit “”Mugen Joshi” (Infinity Girls), created for their collaboration with Japanese PC manufacturer Iiyama.

The four members performed a new tie-in song “Shining Road ~ tanoshii koto o zenryoku de!~” and modeled special costumes and custom masks connected to the new “infinity” line of PCs, optimized for different lifestyles.

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Dec 11 2017

maidreamin chooses Akihabara’s Moe Kawaii Queen 2017


On November 25, 2017, maidreamin cafe gathered the chain’s top maids for the annual Moe Kawaii Queen competition at their Heaven’s Gate Live Restaurant in Akihabara.

The title of maidreamin’s Moe Kawaii Queen is given to the best representative of the restaurant’s mission of top-level service, hospitality, and entertainment. Popular maids from maidreamin’s 16 restaurants performed service demonstrations, answered interview questions, and gave special stage performances in front of their fans and maidreamin’s top-level executives, including the CEO, VP, and Operations Officer.

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Dec 11 2017



Review by David Cirone


Whatever you thought you wanted from BiSH’s new album THE GUERRiLLA BiSH, you got it and you didn’t, and the unpredictable mix is proof-positive that BiSH is doing it right.

After a blisteringly busy year and the rocketing popularity of KILLER BiSH and their recent singles and tours, the album lays down yet another stone in the solid foundation of a group that’s built to last. THE GUERRiLLA BiSH rolls in heavy with 13 songs — hot singles, deep tracks that demand more than a few listens before they sink in, and some wild pitches that warn everybody to not take BiSH for granted. Their identity is their own.

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Dec 07 2017

Kamen Joshi’s Nanaka Kawamura wins mixed martial arts match at Deep Jewels 18


Kamen Joshi member Nanaka Kawamura won her mixed martial arts match at the Deep Jewels 18 fighting event on December 3.

Kawamura is the first active idol to participate in this type of athletic contest in the history of the Japanese idol genre. After six months of training, Kawamura pushed herself to reach her target weight of under 48kg to compete in the atomweight division while still maintaining her performance and promotion schedule with Kamen Joshi.


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Dec 06 2017

Bonus: RHYMEBERRY – Chotto yatte mita dake (solo shots)


More more more RHYMEBERRY for the fans who just can’t get enough.

MC MIRI has enough energy to bounce, drum, and rap through the whole thing. More than once I thought she might jump through my screen. Watch and get hyped.


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Dec 06 2017

moumoon new digital single Let It Shine


moumoon has announced the release of their new digital single “Let it shine”. The quiet ballad was chosen as the theme song for the WOWOW drama Ishitsubute ~Gaimushou kimitsuhi wo abaita sousa nika no otoko tachi~ starring Koichi Sato and Yosuke Eguchi.

“Let it shine” is available worldwide on iTunes and Spotify.

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Nov 27 2017

FEMM at Hyper Japan 2017


FEMM @ Hyper Japan London
Friday November 24, 2017
01 My Revolution
02 Samishii Nettaigyo
04 Konya wa Boogie Back (nice vocal)
05 Astroboy (Invaderous Remix)
06 Kill The DJ (Invaderous Remix)
07 Fxxk Boyz Get Money (Invaderous Remix)

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