Wasuta battles to save kawaii in new RPG-themed MV “Mera Nyaizer!!!!!”

Japanese idol group Wasuta (“The World Standard”) has released their latest music video, the RPG-themed “Mera Nyaizer!!!!!~kimi ni a ge u~”.

Hazuki, Nanase, Miri, Ririka, and Ruka display their fighting skills and battle monsters in the action-packed sequel to Wasuta’s special series of “game world” videos, following “Ultra Miracle-cle Final Ultimate Choco Beam” and “Kurae! Hissatsu! Neko Punch☆ ~Watashitachi Tatakau Nyakotan [Level 5]★〜“.

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Sawa Angstrom take aim with “Sweet Impact” MV

If you don’t like cleaning up spilled drinks then you won’t like the video electronic trio Sawa Angstrom have just released to the song “Sweet Impact” off OF FOOD, their second five-song EP. Everyone else will find the clip oddly beautiful as a variety of fruity concoctions in glass tumblers get nailed by projectiles in slow motion. The song itself features bell-like synths and Marina Kodama’s stuttering vocals.

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eill celebrates friendship and dreams in self-directed “20” MV

R&B/soul singer eill has released the music video for her first solo single “20”, which she shot and directed herself featuring friends and fans, with jacket art appearances by Japanese finswimmer Satsuki Fujimaki, actress Kilala Inori, fashion model Nami Yoshikawa, and Manabi from 17 Liver.

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Hideki Kaji teams with NON for new single NONNON SONG

Hideki Kaji has released the music video for “NONNON SONG”, the second single from his upcoming 18th album GOTH ROMANCE. Featuring Japanese artist NON, Kaji provided the hand-drawn illustrations for the video himself.

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Pikotaro gives Father’s Day advice in PPAPA (Perfect Papa)

PIKOTARO, whose hit song “PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Pen)” has been viewed worldwide 500 million times on YouTube and played 350 million times on TikTok, posted his new song “PPAPA (Perfect PAPA)” on his YouTube channel, portraying the performer as an unborn baby giving gentle advice to his father.

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Taku Takahashi (m-flo) has the Tokyo nightclub injection that L.A.’s been waiting for – Interview (2019)

Taku Takahashi (m-flo)
Interview by Dave Cirone
June 11, 2019

m-flo’s Taku Takahashi is gearing up to inject a mind-blowing dose of Tokyo club culture into L.A. on July 3. Following up last year’s marathon music event OTAQUEST LIVE, m-flo is hosting a back-to-back set of Japan’s hottest EDM and dance music artists at the Novo in Downtown L.A. The chart-topping music producer, performer, and self-certified otaku (yes, you did see him at that Street Fighter tournament) breaks down his plans for this summer’s hot ticket J-Pop event.

OTAQUEST LIVE is coming back to L.A. this year with a powerful lineup, including m-flo, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and CAPSULE, and now you’re adding the OTAQUEST KICKOFF after arty. Why did you decide to add the DJ event to this year’s celebration?

Takahashi: There are two main components of Japanese pop culture that I’m hoping to introduce from Shibuya. One is vocal performance, and the other is DJ culture. The live vocal performance might fall in line with your imagination, but the Japanese club and DJ scene is very unique. We’re connected through all sorts of avenues, especially rhythm games like Beatmania, DDR, and all sorts of titles. Of course, anime music has a place in all this too. Our style is a bit varied from regular EDM parties, and I hope our friends in the U.S. can experience this too.

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Wasuta Wins Hearts in Canada – Idol Group Continues Overseas Expansion at Anime North 2019

Japanese idol group Wasuta (“The World Standard”) made their North American performance debut at Anime North 2019 in Toronto, Canada, with a live concert for over 1000 fans on Saturday, May 25.

The five members of Wasuta – Hazuki, Nanase, Miri, Ririka, and Ruka – kept fans updated via their social media accounts, showing their personal interactions with Anime North’s attendees, who came from several countries including the United States, Mexico, South America, and Asia to support the group.

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LOVE LIVE! SUNSHINE’s Aqours returns to L.A. summer 2019

Aqours, the idol group from LOVE LIVE! SUNSHINE!!, has posted a video digest of live footage of their songs “Kimino Kokorowa Kagayaiterukai?” and “Thank you, FRIENDS!!” on their official YouTube channel to preview their upcoming summer performances in Los Angeles.

Aqours will perform at The Novo in downtown L.A. for two performances, July 5th and 6th, with their show titled “LOVE LIVE! SUNSHINE!! Aqours World LoveLive! in LA -BRAND NEW WAVE-“.

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BALLISTIK BOYZ – Interview (2019)

Interview by David Cirone
May 19, 2019

BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE is a 7-member dance, vocal, and MC unit, the first ever group within LDH where each member contributes vocals to the performance. With their debut CD BALLISTIK BOYZ out this week and their music video for “TENHANE 1000%” topping 1 million views on YouTube, the group talks about their multi-cultural approach, the pressures of living up to the standards set by EXILE TRIBE, and traveling overseas to shoot their first music video on the streets of Los Angeles.

Your music video for “TENHANE 1000%” was shot in L.A., and it showcases a modern, international vibe in your choice of fashion and locations. Why was it important to show BALLISTIK BOYZ as a “global artist” in your first MV?

Ryuta Hidaka: Since we took on the challenge to innovate, being the first group at LDH with all 7 members singing and dancing, and including members who speak English and Portuguese, I think that type of style was a perfect choice for us. It sums up BALLISTIK BOYZ as artists who engage in the global scene representing Japan.

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OtaCrush to bring anikura heat to Little Tokyo

Anime song enthusiasts OtaCrush have announced their very first anikura event, “OtaCrush! Vol. 1” in Los Angeles.

“Anikura” is an anime song club event, which has become a new trend for anisong fans all over the world who want to listen to their favorite anisongs, dance wotagei, and share their mutual love and passion for anisong. “OtaCrush! Vol. 1” will be held at Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles on Saturday, June 8th, featuring popular DJs Revolution Boi and Burbeari, DJ TED, BOB a.k.a DJ D, and RISA LIGHT. The event is presented by OtaCrush and Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle and supported by LUMICA USA.

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