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Charisma.com – Aidoro C (Review)

Charisma.com likes playing with your head. Aidoro C, the latest album from the duo of MC Istuka and DJ Gonchi (following up 2015’s O-Lest) dares you to dance while hitting you in the face with topical lyrics that don’t pull any punches. They’re going to make sure you blink before they do (DJ Gonchi is …

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Charisma.com – Sapuriminal Diet (MV)

Charisma.com satirizes Japan’s super-diet culture in “Sapuriminal Diet” music video, from their upcoming album Aidoro C. Are you ready to order your Gonchi Beam 3000 DX?

Charisma.com announces new album Aidoro C

Japanese electronic duo Charisma.com has announced a new 9-track CD titled Aidoro C, due for release March 2, 2016. Members MC Itsuka and DJ Gonchi have also released a mysterious, gender-bending new visual in connection with the album. More details will be revealed soon at the group’s official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Charismacom-297737716967012/

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