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Aug 15 2016

Why Japanese Anime Attract Millions of Followers Worldwide (Editorial)


GUEST EDITORIAL Why Japanese Anime Attract Millions of Followers Worldwide More popularly known as anime, the Japanese brand of animation has accumulated a sort of cult following worldwide. Fans know by heart different shows’ characters from the Dragonball Zs, the Sailor Moons, and Yu Yu Hakushos of the past to the modern day, equally charming …

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Aug 21 2015

Momoiro Clover Z – Microsoft Theater 2015 Live Report


Momoiro Clover Z Live at Microsoft Theater, July 2, 2015 Live report by Nhu Nguyen “U.S. is the best! Japan is the best! KISS is the best! Momoiro Clover Z is the best! Woo!” exclaimed Momoka Ariyasu. Momoiro Clover Z (MCZ) performing their first U.S. concert at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles was akin …

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Jul 09 2015

Japanese Mascot Ossan Charms Fans at Anime Expo


Japanese mascot Ossan made his successful American debut at Anime Expo in Los Angeles July 2-5, 2015. The popular “Go Torch” (also known as “yuru-kyara”) appeared as a Guest of Honor at the convention and spent four days giving photo opportunities and prizes in the “#FoundOssan” social media campaign, with hundreds of fans rubbing Ossan’s …

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Jun 16 2015

Japanese Mascot Ossan to Appear as Guest of Honor at Anime Expo


Comical character will present Japanese culture and comedy routines Japanese mascot Ossan will make his American debut at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, July 2-5, 2015. The popular “Go Torch” (also known as “yuru-kyara”) character will participate in multiple events at the convention, including an Instagram and Twitter promotion in which attendees can snap photos …

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May 17 2015

Momoiro Clover Z to appear at Anime Expo with members of KISS


Momoiro Clover Z has been announced as a Guest of Honor at Anime Expo 2015. They will perform on Thursday, July 2nd at Nokia Theater L.A. LIVE and will be joined onstage by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS as special Guests of Honor.

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May 12 2014

Eir Aoi to perform at Anime Expo for Kill la Kill special event


Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) will also be hosting a special KILL la KILL event at Anime Expo. Programming for the event includes a talk session with all the guests, a premiere screening of the first episode of KILL la KILL English Dubbed, and a concert featuring the opening singer Eir Aoi.

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May 11 2014

Angela to perform at Anime Expo for K: Missing Kings premiere


J-Pop anime group Angela will perform live at Anime Expo in Los Angeles as part of the K: Missing Kings movie premiere event. Anime Expo and Japan Expo are hosting the world premieres of the K: Missing Kings anime film during the first week of July. [via ANN]

Sep 09 2013

Starmarie – Interview (2013)


Starmarie Interview by David Cirone September 9, 2013 Can you please introduce yourselves? Shino: I’m Shinohamu aka Shino Takamori! Nozomi: I’m Nonchan aka Nozomi Kinoshita! Shiori: I’m Shiorin aka Shiori Aoki! You call yourselves a “fantasy unit”. What is the meaning of that? Shino: Our songs’ lyrics always have different kinds of fantasy story-like elements. …

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Mar 20 2013

Starmarie to appear at Anime Expo


From Anime Expo: Anime Expo announces J-Pop artists STARMARIE as Industry Guests for AX2013! Featuring members Shino Takamori, Nozomi Kishita, and Shiori Aoki, their musical concept is to tell wonderful stories of fantasy through song. STARMARIE recently released their second album “Fantasy World 2”, and have also collaborated with designer and stylist Yanagi Nobuto, and …

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Jan 11 2013

INSIDE AX interview with FUDANJUKU (2013)


Anime Expo’s entertainment site INSIDE AX interviews FUDANJUKU! Part 1 http://inside.anime-expo.org/ax-scoop/featured/2013-01/interview-otaku-idol-group-fudanjuku-part-1 Part 2 http://inside.anime-expo.org/ax-scoop/featured/2013-01/interview-otaku-idol-group-fudanjuku-part-2

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