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Anna Tsuchiya – Interview (2015)

Anna Tsuchiya Interview by Jen Wang June 2, 2015 In April, actress and singer Anna Tsuchiya held her first full-length U.S. concert at Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas. She treated fans to both old favorites like “Slap that Naughty Body” and “rose” from the NANA anime and more recent numbers, including her latest single “LUCIFER”. …

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Anna Tsuchiya – Anime Matsuri 2015 Live Report

Anna Tsuchiya Anime Matsuri, April 5, 2015 Live Report by Jen Wang The first couple of hazy guitar riffs drifted into the crowd, which grew excited with recognition. These were the first notes to Anna Tsuchiya’s most well-known hit, “rose” from the NANA anime series. For years, Anna won over American fans on the silver …

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Anna Tsuchiya – LUCIFER (PV)

Anna Tsuchiya gets devilish in “LUCIFER”. Random (or not-so-random) Japanese and Russian Pop connection for the day: This song is co-written by t.A.T.u.’s Leah Katina.

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Make it Happen feat. Afterschool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Beay1c24tFA – Wonder Woman feat. Ai and Anna Tsuchiya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itB-dAienyU

Anna Tsuchiya “Is This Love?” (PV)

Anna Tsuchiya “Is This Love?” (PV teaser)