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Jun 26 2016

Avex Group launches Avex Star Search Audition 2016 in NYC, L.A., and Tokyo


Avex Group Holdings Inc., one of Japan’s leading entertainment companies, will be hosting “avex star search audition 2016” in USA from June 22nd, 2016 to July 31st, 2016, to discover the next generation of top entertainers active in Japan, Asia, and around the world. In addition to musicians, talents of all genres such as dancers, …

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Dec 09 2014

Dream & E-girls – Move It! (MV)


E-girls stuns with their new music video for “Move It!”, spotlighting subgroup Dream. The lavish electropop anthem features Dream’s four members, Aya Takamoto, Shizuka Nishida, Ami Nakashima and Erie Abe on lead vocals, backed by the other members of the collective megagroup that also includes Happiness, Flower, Bunny and EGD. Dream debuted in 2000, and …

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Oct 01 2014

DIVA – Discovery (MV)


DIVA returns for their final single, “Discovery”. The dance track, produced by legendary J-Pop artist Tetsuya Komuro, reunites the AKB48 sub-group, including graduates Sayaka Akimoto and Yuka Masuda, with current members Ayaka Umeda and Sae Miyazawa. DIVA also features dancers Satoko Kasuya, Yuuki Futami, Atsuko Furukawa, Ramu Fukuno, Yuina Inoue and Ayaka Yamagami. “Discovery” will …

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May 29 2014



NekoPOP celebrates Throwback Thursday with a look back at MAX’s “Barairo no Hibi”. The J-Pop supergroup released this cover of Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life” as a single in 2000, and it appeared on their 3rd album “Emotional History”. They originally began as a dance unit that performed with Namie Amuro in the 1990s (as …

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Apr 04 2014



E-girls, the collective pop group featuring members of Dream, Happiness, Flower, bunny and EXPG Girls Dancer have released a slick new PV, “RYDEEN 〜DANCE ALL NIGHT〜. This electronic club track is a cover of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s groundbreaking single “Rydeen” from 1980. E-Girls, which stands for EXILE Girls Unit, features all members of its individual …

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