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Apr 06 2017

WACK Exhibition breakdown


Straight From Japan breaks down the WACK Exhibition performances, featuring GANG PARADE, BiS, and BiSH, as well as the future collaboration announcement between WACk and major-label Avex. Check out the full report here: https://straight-from-japan.com/2017/04/03/wack-exhibition-what-happened/

Sep 25 2016

BiSH puts up a fright for Tower Records campaign


BiSH (the successor to BiS) has launched their own contribution to Tower Records’ “No Music, No Idol” campaign, promoting the upcoming CD release of KiLLER BiSH on October 5. KiLLER BiSH is the third album by the idol group, their first to be released by major label Avex. http://www.bish.tokyo KiLLER BiSH [CD+DVD] BiSH

Jan 04 2015

NekoPOP′s Best J-Pop Album Covers of 2014


Check out our picks and commentary for the best album/single jacket art of 2014! http://nekopop.com/best-j-pop-album-covers

Dec 04 2013

BiS – Stupig (PV)


BiS explodes in a cyberpunk industrial bondage fetish frenzy. If you think you’re hearing Atari Teenage Riot, you’re probably right.

Jun 24 2013

BiS – Mura-Mura (PV)


New PV from BiS (Brand New Idol Society) …. BiS went BALD—??!! And yes, that milk spilling out is really disturbing.

May 26 2013

BiS – DiE (PV)


Brand New Idol Society (BiS)’s new video for “DiE” features provocative and intimate visuals.

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Feb 07 2013

BiS – BiSimulation photo and jacket covers


BiS (Brand New Idol Society) reveals new group image and jacket covers for BiSimulation. Release date March 13, 2013 (– the kawaii-number-combo of 3-3-13!)

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Dec 06 2012

BiS and Dorothy Little Happy – Get You (PV)

BiS and Dorothy Little Happy – Get You (PV)

Oct 03 2012

BiS – ASH (PV)

BiS – ASH (PV)

BiS (Brand New Idol Society) – “Ash” (special edit)