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Bonnie Pink – Heaven’s Kitchen (MV)

Bonnie Pink – Chasing Hope (Review)

Bonnie Pink Chasing Hope Review by David Cirone Bonnie Pink’s work will always have polish and cleverness, but Chasing Hope is missing the emotional investment of her early albums. Opening tracks “Stand Up!” and “Natsu Gare” sound like extended jam sessions, and even provacative titles like “Bad Bad Boy” and “Animal Rendezvous” emerge half-hearted and …

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Tsumetai Ame – promo website

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BONNIE PINK – Nemurenai Yoru (PV)

“Nemurenai Yoru” is Bonnie Pink’s nineteenth single from the album Just a Girl. (2001)

Bonnie Pink – Tsumetai Ame (PV)