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ShuuKaRen reveals album jackets, special editions for Universe debut

ShuuKaRen, the dance/fashion duo formed by Shuuka Fujii (E-girls/Flower) and Karen Fujii (E-girls/Happiness), has revealed the jacket art for the triple editions of their debut CD Universe, coming out October 5. The limited edition is bound to be the hot fan item, packing in a CD, DVD, and 52-page magazine, while the one-coin (500 yen) …

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E-Girls unit ShuuKaRen to release debut CD in October

ShuuKaRen, a unit consisting of Shuuka Fujii (E-girls/Flower) and Karen Fujii (E-girls/Happiness), will release their debut CD Universe on October 5, 2016. The limited edition consists of a CD and a DVD, and features a 52-page magazine. The two performers released a fashion photo book earlier this year, titled Antithese.

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E-girls to release Best Hits album

E-girls will be releasing their very first greatest hits album, “E.G Smile – E-girls Best,” on February 10th, 2016. The album will feature virtually every one of E-girls’ smash hits, from their debut single, “Celebration,” to the newest addition to their irresistibly catchy collection, “Shukkousa! ~Sail Out For Someone~.” The second disc will be a …

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Dream & E-girls – Move It! (MV)

E-girls stuns with their new music video for “Move It!”, spotlighting subgroup Dream. The lavish electropop anthem features Dream’s four members, Aya Takamoto, Shizuka Nishida, Ami Nakashima and Erie Abe on lead vocals, backed by the other members of the collective megagroup that also includes Happiness, Flower, Bunny and EGD. Dream debuted in 2000, and …

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E-Girls – Gomen Nasai no Kissing you (Apology King ver.) (MV)

Charming music video from the E-Girls’ film credit sequence from Shazai no Ousama (The Apology King) starring Sadao Abe and Mao Inoue.


E-girls, the collective pop group featuring members of Dream, Happiness, Flower, bunny and EXPG Girls Dancer have released a slick new PV, “RYDEEN 〜DANCE ALL NIGHT〜. This electronic club track is a cover of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s groundbreaking single “Rydeen” from 1980. E-Girls, which stands for EXILE Girls Unit, features all members of its individual …

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E-Girls – Diamond Only (MV)

E-Girls – Follow Me (PV)

E-Girls – Tadaima! (PV) (Short Ver)

E-Girls – Tadaima! ( ただいま!) (Short Ver)

E-Girls – One Two Three (Short Ver) (PV)