FAKY – Better Without You – English Ver. (MV)

Back-on feat. FAKY’s Lil Fang – Wimp (PV)

FAKY – The One (PV)

FAKY’s “The One” – Bilocation movie version (from the film starring Asami Mizukawa and Kenichi Takito)

FAKY – Girl Digger (MV)

Second video release from FAKY! (Check out FAKY’s NekoPOP interview here!) “…Ask your mama about your stupid drama!” Definitely strong urban influences in their dance and lyric style.

FAKY – Interview (2013)

FAKY Interview by Greg Hignight (Tune in Tokyo) September 13, 2013 NekoPOP joined breakout J-Pop group FAKY in Los Angeles recently as they took time out of their busy rehearsal schedule to discuss their desire to bring something “new and real” to the Japanese music scene and work to expand their reach outside of Japan. …

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