FUDANJUKU – Shunkan Tourai Future (live)

Cross-dressing idol group FUDANJUKU performs their latest single “Shunkan Tourai Future” at Osaka BIGCAT, August 30, 2015.

FUDANJUKU – Moshi mo Kore ga Koi nara (MV)

The cross-dressing girls of FUDANJUKU reveal their feminine side in a rare video appearance outside of their “male” alter-egos. In the teaser video for their latest single, “Moshi mo Kore ga Koi nara”, the girls walk the lonely streets of Shibuya, thinking of love and comforted only by the music on their headphones. https://youtu.be/VZOCMlNuZhE “Moshi …

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FUDANJUKU posts Fuji TV Special Concert Digest

FUDANJUKU has posted a 20 minute Fuji TV concert digest and interview special highlighting the cross-dressing J-Pop group’s 2014 Japan tour. Lots of high-energy clips and great candid moments with the group’s members who also work as TV talent and models when they’re not busy being glamorous boys on stage.

FUDANJUKU’s new video Shunkan Tourai Future introduces new member

FUDANJUKU’s newest member Kariyase Light makes his(!) debut in the group’s latest music video “Shunkan Tourai Future”, dropping youth and attitude on the older boys(!) in the group. The dramatic entrance in the “press conference’ setting is interesting, but FUDANJUKU’s always at their best with bright colors, so this feels a bit too serious and …

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Fudanjuku – Shunkan Tourai Future (preview)

Cross-dressing Japanese dansou group FUDANJUKU previews their new song “Shunkan Tourai Future” in this short video clip. The group’s 14th single will be out March 31, 2015.

NekoPOP′s Best J-Pop Album Covers of 2014

Check out our picks and commentary for the best album/single jacket art of 2014! http://nekopop.com/best-j-pop-album-covers

FUDANJUKU presents coming of age ceremony for Ryoma at Zepp Tokyo tour final

On Jan 13th, Fudanjuku held their Tour Finale at Zepp Tokyo as a conclusion to their 4-city-walking-tour (Sendai, Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo) titled “Fudanjuku Boisterous Dance, 4-City-Walking-Tour ~Seven Wind Samurais~.” The tour started off from Sendai RENSA, to Zepp NAMBA (Osaka) and Zepp NAGOYA (Nagoya), and held the final show as their first one-man live …

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FUDANJUKU – Chenmen Tengoku (PV)

Cross-dressing Japanese idol group FUDANJUKU released the music video for their new single “Chenmen Tengoku” this week. In the group’s first video since the departure of Ruhara Renji, the now-7-member unit adopts a plaid jacket uniform style as they each take turns giving spotlight monologues and gazing directly to the camera to profess their love. …

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Renji Ruhara to graduate from FUDANJUKU with new single Dansou Revolution

Tall, striking, orange-clad manga and game otaku Renji Ruhara will graduate with FUDANJUKU’s latest single, “Dansou Revolution” (released on Sept. 18). A member of the popular cross-dressing Japanese idol group since 2008, Ruhara left this summer’s national tour “FUDANJUKU Ranbu TOUR 2013 -12 locations nation-wide Ichi Dozen Time-” due to physical illness and was hospitalized …

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FUDANJUKU – Dansou Revolution comment

FUDANJUKU members explain the title of their new single “Dansou Revolution”.